Hands like Death Valley…

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February 29, 2004, 1:41 AM

Really and truly, if you look at the back of my hands, you’ll see. There is no difference between the back of my hands, particularly my left hand, and Death Valley. I am so dried out on the back of my hands that they have cracked, and are painful.

And only the back of my hands, too. The palms of both hands are fine. Perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with them.

During December, I’d run into the hands-like-death-valley situation once, and then in January my hands started to recover, and get towards normal, as I started using lotion at night to help things out a little. Then I started redecorating in here, specifically the painting phase. That did it, and sent me back downhill again towards dry, cracked skin. Why? With all the painting I was doing, I was constantly washing my hands to get the paint off. And the constant hand-washing took its toll on my hands. And that undid all that progress.

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I really can’t tell the difference between them!

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February 28, 2004, 11:44 PM

I tell you… I cannot tell the difference between the name-brand fruit juices and the Sam’s Choice brand juice. Sam Walton chose well with the Sam’s Choice juices. They’re good. And they cost at least a dollar less than the other brands.

And those Welch’s commercials with the kid giving the lecture are only bankrolling the competition. I drink Sam’s Choice grape juice that is just too good to gulp. So I watch as it flatters my mouth with flavor (pardon – fwavor, as the kid says it), and feel it fill my cheeks.

And it costs a heck of a lot less, which is a major selling point.

And if you can’t tell already, I swear by my grape juice. Serves two purposes for me. For one, it’s just good. I like it. And secondly, it keeps me out of my father’s orange juice.

And before you ask, though, I cannot stand Sam’s Choice soda. There’s no store-branding when it comes to soda. I know my specific flavors too intimately to pass on them.

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The bookshelf is in place and loaded up!

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February 28, 2004, 1:10 AM

Yes, the bookshelf is in its real place now, and also really surprised me: I put all the books in, and there’s a whole shelf left to fill! I’m surprised. Sure, I gave away a lot of old books, but still… I’m surprised to have that much extra space. It’s scary, that’s for sure. Still, I got three tubs’ worth of stuff unpacked, loaded onto that new bookshelf.

Next up: video tapes. There’s no more video tape wall. So where on earth am I going to put all these tapes? I know that the cabinets next to the desk are insufficiently sized (and we knew that going in), so we’ll see what happens. I’ll figure out where it goes in the end, I’m sure, but right now, we’ll see.

I also moved most of the pictures for the walls back in here. Not necessarily to put them up right away, but just to get behind them. They were the last things I put in.

Still, video tapes… I need to think about them.

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We had a slight change to my Wal-Mart appearance today…

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February 27, 2004, 11:53 PM

I got a new vest! Finally, one that fits properly. It’s BIG. I can button it up and still have room to spare.

It’s also technically a women’s vest, since it’s a little bit longer than the men’s vests. This works out well for me, since now my vest’s pockets are actually at a level where I can actually make good use of them. They were too high on the other vest. Only weird thing is that it buttons the other way. But that’s women’s fashions for you, I guess.

And the bit of humor I injected into it is my comment about why I have the women’s vest: “Hey, I’m a big girl.”

Meanwhile, the latest adventure of “Fools With Tools” was putting together that bookshelf. I managed to scrape against a half-assembled shelf, and cut the top of my foot for an inch’s length. It doesn’t hurt too much, and didn’t bleed too much, either. So there you go.

Now tonight we put the shelf in its right place and then start loading it. And I got the right size shelf for the printer.

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There’s a reason I’m not a carpenter…

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February 27, 2004, 3:17 AM

…and that bookshelf is reason enough. No, I didn’t manage to screw it up. It actually stands up, and it actually looks half decent. It is currently standing in the middle of the room, but that will hopefully only be the case until tomorrow after work, when I move all my clothes out of the way and then get that shelf settled into place against the side wall.

And then let the firestorm begin. All my stuff comes back. All remaining books return. All my video tapes return. And whatever other miscellaneous stuff I have comes back. And then once I can reach it, the couch shall return in its new home. And then the wall décor goes up.

Things will change, though. My load of books will be much lighter now, with my having gotten rid of a LOT of books I’ve outgrown. A lot will go to Mom’s sixth grade classroom, much to her delight. I believe Mom’s also giving a lot of my old books to our church. As you can see, I’ve entrusted the distribution of my discard books to Mom. She’s good at this and will do well in finding them new homes. Meanwhile, a dilemma… since I got rid of the video tape wall, and spackled and painted over the remains after the hardware was removed, the question remains… where in the heck am I going to put all my videos?!? True, I have those two new cabinets that are next to the computer, but I know they’ll be full.

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Bought my new bookshelf. Talk about heavy…

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February 27, 2004, 12:27 AM

I carried the bookshelf into the house and up the stairs myself. Let me tell you… that thing was a major b—- to carry. Now realize that I brought this on myself by buying it. But man… carrying the box from the car (which I parked as close to the house as I could) to the house, up four steps to the front door, and then up another fourteen steps to my room is a serious climb with a bookshelf taller than me.

But I made it, and now I just have to assemble it and put it in its right spot.

Meanwhile, I finally got the permanent light bulbs for my torchieres. I had previously had 100-watt bulbs in there. They gave off an unpleasant yellowish glow, inherent to normal incandescent bulbs. I like a more whitish light, and so for the real bulbs (I knew I was replacing them anyway since these are three-way lamps), I got GE “Reveal” bulbs, which is “the bulb that uncovers pure, true light”. Basically they have a blue tint on them that counters the normal yellow tint, to give that white color that I like.

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If I wanted a mullet, this would be a good time to start.

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February 26, 2004, 10:20 AM

But I don’t, so I need to get a haircut already, since a mullet is the one hairdo I just simply can’t stand. If you can believe it, the last time I got a haircut was on January 5. So I think you’ll agree, with it getting close to two months since I last got a trim, that it’s time.

I figure I’m probably going to go to SmartStyle this time, which is in my own Waynesboro Wal-Mart. I figure that way I can just do it after work, plus Wal-Mart associates get 20% off at SmartStyle.

All the more reason I’m glad I work in a Supercenter, and not a regular Wal-Mart. Regular Wal-Marts don’t have haircut places, among other things. Though not all Supercenter hair places are SmartStyle, mind you. When I lived in Arkansas, the Wal-Mart Supercenters in Springdale and Bentonville (the latter being laid out just like Staunton) had a place called “Fantastic Sam’s” as the in-store barber shop.

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I have the computer back in order, and for the first time in a while, this desk is clean!

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February 25, 2004, 9:00 PM

First of all, look:

Notice the desk and dresser are in similar positions as before, but about two feet to the left, and I have a Mainstays torchiere lamp with reading light next to the bed.

Notice the desk and dresser are in similar positions as before, but about two feet to the left, and I have a Mainstays torchiere lamp with reading light next to the bed.

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Two days off really leaves a person refreshed!

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February 25, 2004, 2:47 PM

And I broke my promise to myself not to go into a Wal-Mart on this “weekend” (it’s two consecutive days off – that’s just as good as Saturday and Sunday in my book), as I had to go out to get some odds and ends that were running out. Note, though, that I went to Staunton instead of my own store.

Otherwise, I got the desk back into position against the wall. That was good. The Merry Maids (a company we employ that comes every other Wednesday to clean) commented that the place will look really nice when it’s finished. I agree. It’s going to look SO nice when it’s done.

So by tonight, I should have the computer set back up. This whole thing about using Dad’s computer is really a pain. Especially after starting up his computer, discovering a program called “Spybot – Search & Destroy” that takes ten minutes to check your computer for spyware when you start up. I terminated that program prematurely, since I believe that the best spyware deterrent is to actually (God forbid) know and pay attention to what you’re putting on your computer. That’s what I do. I do have Ad-Aware on my computer, but that I only use if I think I may have spyware. Then it goes and finds it and does away with it.

Of course, we still ask the question of why his computer was off to begin with, but that’s not as important.

What is hopefully the last bit of paint has now been applied, and now just to let it dry…

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February 25, 2004, 12:26 AM

At last! All the walls are painted! Things are looking so good around here. I’m still using Dad’s computer – mine’s not set back up yet. But I have now officially painted all the paint I want to paint.

So that’s a good feeling.

Next, once I check over the paint to make sure I haven’t missed anything, I’m going to start putting pieces of furniture into their new homes. The bed’s already there, but the desk needs to get put in its new position, along with the dresser. Both need to be properly repositioned.

Then after that, I need to get my new bookshelf from Wal-Mart, and put it together. And then let the stuff come roaring on back in to make this place look lived in. The stuff comes back, and then when we get far enough in to reach it, the couch will return! And in its new spot, too, where the bed used to be.

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The computer is dismantled now. That’s weird looking.

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February 24, 2004, 11:52 AM

The computer is now dismantled, and all the components (the computer itself, the monitor, etc.) are piled up on and around my blue recliner. It looks so strange, let me tell you. And I pulled the desk out to clean behind it, plus pick up whatever wires are remaining behind the desk.

And once that’s done, I just have to do some taping, and the last stage of painting will commence. This will complete the paint job. And then it’s all downhill from there once the paint dries. Then I start putting furniture back. I purchase and assemble the new bookshelf. The card table that the paint stuff is on will get put back. The paint stuff that I paid all of $3 for which included a brush, two rollers, and a tray (go Mainstays brand) will get thrown out, and the remaining paint (I estimate I will have about half a can left when I’m done) will go to the garage where it will sit in reserve for touch-ups and such as needed.

I just can’t wait to be done with this. My deadline for being out of Sis’s room is fast approaching, and I’m getting tired of things being all over the place. I’m ready to be done with it, and get Mom in there to give my carpet a good shampooing (I am officially not allowed to do that myself because Mom’s like that, so it’s not like I’m passing the buck or anything).

And last night, I put together some storage cabinets for the corner of the room, and also put together my torchieres. Now I’ll be happy when this place is finished, so I can have my room back…

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Newest TV show idea that will never catch on: “Fools With Tools”

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February 23, 2004, 11:42 PM

“Fools With Tools”. That describes my feeble first and second attempts at trying to remove some equipment at the Service Desk to take to another department. The third time was the charm.

Still, I was amusing. I was turning a little red trying to unscrew some screws, and at the same time trying not to strip the screws. The “How may I help you?” on the back of everyone’s vests would be better put as “How can you help me, and don’t you think I could use it?” in my case.

However, the third screwdriver worked, thankfully. Still, everyone got a kick out of my ineptitude with a screwdriver, and my “Fools With Tools” title.

Speaking of Wally World, I bought my torchiere lamps today. I bought the one with the reading lamp in Waynesboro, but since they didn’t have enough of the non-reading lamp ones for me to buy there. So I went to Staunton after work and bought some there. It’s handy to have two Wal-Marts in the area. If we’re out of something, I can go over to Staunton and get it.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, I’ve made it – I’m off for two days! So that’s why I bought the lamps today instead of later. I am NOT going into a Wal-Mart store until Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, after I check my Email and finish this journal entry, I have to take the computer apart so I can paint behind it, which will complete the paint job. If you hear from me before I’m done painting, it means that I’m probably using Dad’s computer downstairs.

So now it’s time to take apart the computer. This will be a pain in the butt.

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The verdict: We slept well in the bed’s new location

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February 21, 2004, 11:55 AM

Yeah, all in all, it was a good sleep. It felt a little close to the wall, though, so I may very well adjust it for that. But I did indeed sleep well.

The weird part, though, was the fact that the dresser was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BED. That’s not a permanent thing. That’s because I can’t put it in its real spot yet because the last bit of painting still needs to be done.

Plus I haven’t bought my new lamps yet, nor my new bookshelf. I also still have to assemble the cabinets I bought.

So anyway, I’m going to work now, and when I get back, I start cleaning off the computer desk so I can paint behind it.

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We moved the bed, and one last section to go.

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February 21, 2004, 12:50 AM


The bed is in its new home! Mom said I was nuts putting the bed against two outside walls. Of course, how convenient that she forgets that Sis's room is already done up that way, with her bed against two outside walls. But still, I like it. I have yet to sleep in the bed in this orientation, but it looks good. Plus I'm glad to see some furniture against a gray wall for a change. It looks GOOD. I also put outlet covers on the plugs that are next to the bed's location (they sell those in infants, not hardware, to my surprise). This way, I don't accidentally get my butt zapped, which I think is important.
The bed is in its new home! Mom said I was nuts putting the bed against two outside walls. Of course, how convenient that she forgets that Sis’s room is already done up that way, with her bed against two outside walls. But still, I like it. I have yet to sleep in the bed in this orientation, but it looks good. Plus I’m glad to see some furniture against a gray wall for a change. It looks GOOD. I also put outlet covers on the plugs that are next to the bed’s location (they sell those in infants, not hardware, to my surprise). This way, I don’t accidentally get my butt zapped, which I think is important.

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Your assignment: Figure out where this dream came from

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February 19, 2004, 4:37 AM

This is a weird dream that I had last night, and let me tell you why. The dream was about driving Metro trains with oars in rough weather down a river.

Yes, that’s right. In this dream, a friend of mine and myself were basically driving Metro (as in WMATA) trains in rough weather down a river. If you can imagine this, the trains had the doors open, and were submerged about 1/3 of the way up from the floor. My friend and myself were each commanding our own trains, and safely strapped in by way or some harness. And not in the cab, mind you. Oh, no. Actually in the area just behind the cab, between the first doors.

And we were paddling these trains down a river, in somewhat rough conditions. Why the trains were in the water, I don’t know. Why they floated I also don’t know, since I doubt that these Metro trains would float in real life.

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