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Content Licensing

Bodie Island LighthouseText, image, and video content on The Schumin Web is available for licensing to third parties.  Among others, content from The Schumin Web has been licensed for use by Consumerist, The Huffington PostInternational Business Times, The Guardian, and The Washington Post.

All licensing for photographic work is handled through Schumin Web Photo Licensing.  Photos are typically licensed on a royalty-free basis.  Parties interested in licensing text, video, or other non-photographic content should contact me for further information.

Content locations

Schumin Web content is located on the domain, as well as on the following third-party sites:

  • Flickr: photographic content
  • Google Maps: photographic content, mostly of landmarks
  • YouTube: video content, mostly to support website content

Please note that content may overlap between these sites, as each site serves a different purpose, fulfilling different needs.  Content at all four locations is available for licensing.

Content specifications


The maximum resolution of original images on The Schumin Web are as follows based on when they were photographed (not necessarily when they were published):

  • 640 x 480: June 2000 – November 2002
  • 2272 x 1704: November 2002 – March 2008
  • 2816 x 2112: March 2008 – May 2008
  • 3648 x 2736: May 2008 – November 2013
  • 4128 x 3096: November 2013 – February 2016
  • 6000 x 4000: February 2016 – Present

Photos as they appear on the site may be subject to cropping and retouching.  Additionally, please note that depending on equipment used, not all images are available in these maximum resolutions. All images are in JPEG format.


The maximum resolution of original videos on The Schumin Web are as follows based on when they were made (not necessarily when they were published):

  • 320 x 240: November 2002 – May 2008
  • 640 x 480: May 2008 – December 2008
  • 1280 x 720 (720p): December 2008 – November 2013
  • 1920 x 1080 (1080p): November 2013 – Present

All video clips original to The Schumin Web are raw clips, and are not edited before publication.

General licensing guidelines

In general, content on The Schumin Web may not be reused in other forms or venues without explicit, written permission, with the exception of those usages that fall under the definition of fair use, or as otherwise provided below.

Individual use

Individuals are extended a blanket license to use content on The Schumin Web for personal, noncommercial purposes without receiving explicit written permission.  An example of such usage is using image content as a desktop background on a personal computer.  This license does not extend to any form of public exhibition, including rehosting on social media sites.  Users may link directly to Schumin Web content via social media sites (or any other site, for that matter) without seeking permission, but must receive explicit written permission to rehost content on social media and elsewhere except where such usage would constitute fair use.

Public exhibition and commercial use

Any individual or entity who wishes to use content from The Schumin Web for any purpose other than that which is described in the “individual use” section above (other than that which constitutes fair use), including public exhibition and/or any commercial purposes, is required to obtain explicit written permission prior to using any Schumin Web content.  Please note that no content use license will be granted that authorizes a period of exclusivity of any length, or that transfers the copyright to a third party.  Schumin Web Photo LicensingIn addition, no license for commercial use will be granted that does not include some form of monetary compensation to The Schumin Web.

All licensing of photographic content on The Schumin Web is completed through Schumin Web Photo Licensing.  Licensing is typically done on a royalty-free basis.  Many photos from The Schumin Web are already listed on the licensing site, and are available for immediate licensing.  If you need assistance in locating a photo from The Schumin Web on Schumin Web Photo Licensing, or are interested in licensing a photo that is not already available on the licensing site, please contact me for assistance.

If you were contacted by Pixsy regarding unauthorized usage of a photo from this site, please note: any cases referred to Pixsy regarding unauthorized image use are handled exclusively by Pixsy.  Use of the licensing site to circumvent that process is not permitted.  Any licenses purchased on the licensing site in an attempt to circumvent Pixsy’s process will be cancelled.

Interested parties that wish to license text, video, or other content from The Schumin Web should contact me to discuss terms.  In your request, please reference the URL for the specific content that you seek to license.

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