Plungefest 2011  Arctic Tern

"NO TRESPASSING" sign  Plumb House, Waynesboro, Virginia

Drop Tower, Kings Dominion  Vietnam Wall

Street sign for K Street NW  The Hell’s Gate Bridge

The Schumin Web has a lot of changing content throughout the site.  However, for every active and current thing, there’s a lot that once was.  Here in the Archives, you can see the stuff that once was – allowing history to meet the present.  Many will tell you that history has a way of repeating itself.  And many will point this out as the reason that we need to understand history.  Here in the Archives, this is the vault containing the site’s history, laid out before you.  This is where we have been. If this is your first time visiting The Schumin Web, the Archives section is almost like an orientation to that which is the world of Ben Schumin.  For regular visitors to this site, this is like a fond look back at what we’ve been through together.  Regardless of whether you’re an old standby and remember the site back when circles were hip, or whether The Schumin Web and circles together have no meaning to you, this is still an enormous bit of information here.  After all, where else would you find past quotes, past site updates, past splash photos, the archives of the Journal, and so much more?  Nowhere else I know… So come on in… see The Schumin Web that once was… or see if you can make predictions about what The Schumin Web might one day become.  Browse the files, and see what you can see…

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