Boston Megaraid  Funk the Weekend

Year 2010  NSM Counter-Protest

Year of Many Cameras  Year 2009

Schumin-Lysy Wedding  Tubing the Shenandoah River

From the White House to Quantico  Losing Weight

Life and Times is best described as a photo spread of events in the life of Ben Schumin.  Unlike the Photography section, which is designed to be more artistic and/or documentary, with the photographer as an outsider, this is my life.  I’m photographing it, but I’m also a participant at the same time.  And that’s how these photo sets work.  These are not intended to be art, even though some photos may still be considered artistic.  Here, the purpose is more of documentation and commenting on it.

In Life and Times, come with me as I travel to places with family, with friends, and by myself.  Come with me as we see what’s going on in my life at home.  See what kind of random stuff I encounter in the process of going about things.  Hear my on-the-spot commentary through movie clips.  As you will see, I really do have fun in my life, and never know what’s around the corner.

It’s certainly an interesting ride, if nothing else.  Join me as we run a group of neo-Nazis out of town, or demonstrate against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Indulge in the lulz that Anonymous raids against the Church of Scientology bring.  Grab a tube and head to the river.  Follow me down memory lane for a bit.  See what I’ve somehow managed to run into.  Fun times shall be had by all.

The photo sets in this section are arranged by year, and then alphabetically within the year category.  “Legacy” sets are photo sets that were brought over from other sections that existed before the Life and Times section was created in summer 2003.  Most photo sets in this section follow one of two formats.  Some contain only photos and captions with less narrative, or they are presented with a full narrative, mixing larger text blocks with photo set material to tell a story.

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