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Discussion Guidelines

Several features on The Schumin Web, such as the Journal, Photo Feature, Splash Photo, and Quote Archive, allow users to comment on posts.  In order to create an atmosphere where the discussion is productive and all can feel welcome, I have created guidelines that lay out how your comments are handled, and set boundaries for what is and is not considered acceptable behavior in this venue.

How comments are handled

Behavioral guidelines

  • You are posting to a website that is visible to the public.  Your family, friends, and coworkers will be able to see your comments.  Think before you submit your comments.
  • Your comments should be productive contributions about the post on which you are commenting.  Off-topic posts will not be approved.  That means no posts like, “Great post”, “I agree”, or “First comment”, and no personal messages to me.  If you would like to send me a personal message, please use the contact form.
  • Cite your sources.  If you are relying on a source for facts, please disclose it so that others can also make use of the source that you relied on.  You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion.
  • Please be respectful and civil.  It is perfectly fine to disagree with someone, however, I will not tolerate personal attacks, hate speech, flaming, or anything that might be considered abusive.
  • No drama.  This goes back to the whole idea of being respectful and civil.
  • Mind your language.  Profanity is not permitted in the comments.
  • No spamming.  If the mention of products, services, or other websites comes up naturally in the course of a discussion, that’s one thing, but if I determine that the purpose of your comment is solely to advertise products, services, or other websites, I’m not going to approve your comment.
  • Proper grammar is your friend.  Please ensure that your posts are grammatically correct, spelled correctly, and have proper punctuation and capitalization.  No all-caps, and no all-lowercase.
  • Do not impersonate anyone.  You should only post on here as yourself.
  • Use only your own words.  Nobody likes plagiarism.
  • Please don’t post addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. where such information is not common knowledge.  For instance, the address and phone number for the White House are common knowledge.  My home address and cell phone number are not.  If you are at all doubtful, please err on the side of discretion.

Additionally, please remember that no one is forcing you to post here.  If you are unable or unwilling to follow these guidelines, then please do not post here.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

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