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Splash Page, April 2012When I redesigned the site in 2002 to the “Minimalist” design, I also redesigned the splash page (example seen at right), which, from February 2001 until June 30, 2012, was the first page people saw when entering the site.  Until August 2002, the splash page contained the logo in large size and the URL, with an invitation to click to enter.  With the 2002 redesign, the splash page reduced the size of the logo and added a picture of me, which I changed monthly.  This was the splash page’s design for more than nine years, with only minor color changes throughout the years until the splash page was discontinued with the completion of the site’s conversion to WordPress in 2012.  At that time, the splash photo feature was temporarily moved to the Welcome page.  When the site was redesigned in September 2012, the splash photo, though now smaller in size, was placed in the upper right corner of every page.

Since August 2002, I have run many photos in the spaces where the splash photo has resided, with “whatever I find interesting” as the guideline.  All of the photos that have come and gone over the years are listed here, and I hope that you will find these photos interesting, too…

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April 2024

Operating MATT, a former Fairfax Connector Orion I bus, now part of the Commonwealth Coach & Trolley museum fleet.

March 2024

A serious-looking selfie in a podiatry chair at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center in Olney, Maryland.

Notes: Funny how this worked out. The doctor that I was seeing was not a podiatrist, but rather my weight doctor. But the office staff put me in a podiatry room. I remarked that since the chair was so comfortable in here, they should put me in here for every appointment.

February 2024

Selfie on the Chicago “L” train.

January 2024

Drone selfie in front of the house.

Notes: For more photos from this flight, see "Yes, we are back in the air again…" in the Journal.

December 2023

Selfie with a photo of mine from Funk the War 3 on display at the Kent State University May 4 Visitor Center in Kent, Ohio.

Notes: For more photos from this adventure, see "A trip to the Midwest…" in the Journal. For the original photo, see see "Funk the War 3" in Life and Times.

November 2023

Trying on a shirt at the Buc-ee’s in Florence, South Carolina.

Notes: For more information about this adventure, see "I can’t believe that we went to South Carolina…" in the Journal.

October 2023

Selfie on the Metro.

Notes: For more photos from this outing, see "Toronto was fun, and flying… wasn’t bad." in the Journal.

September 2023

Selfie in the fabric department at Walmart.

August 2023

Selfie in front of the round window at the Hudson’s Bay flagship store at Yonge and Queen Streets in Toronto.

July 2023

Selfie on the O-Train, the light rail system in Ottawa, Ontario.

Notes: For more photos from this trip, see "I went to Ottawa..." in the Journal.

June 2023

Drone selfie with the new HR-V while wearing space tights and clear glasses in Michaux State Forest near Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

May 2023

Selfie with the “TATTOO” sign from the Ink Master television show on the Ironbound Studios building in Newark, New Jersey.  Clearly, I do not have what it takes to be Ink Master.

Notes: For more photos from this day, see "A weekend in New York…" in the Journal.

April 2023

Selfie along the Canal Walk in Richmond, Virginia.

March 2023

Selfie on a friend’s porch swing, with Woomy on my shoulder.

February 2023

Sitting in a 2023 Honda HR-V at the Washington Auto Show.

Notes: This photo is from the "Going to the auto show…" Journal entry.

January 2023

Selfie at the Boscov’s department store in York, Pennsylvania.

December 2022

Elyse and I pose for a selfie in a shoe store while wearing our Today’s Special sweatshirts.

Notes: And rest assured that I belted out a few bars of "I Love My Running Shoes" right there in the store before Elyse told me to stop.

November 2022

Selfie with the wall of beef jerky at the Buc-ee’s in Crossville, Tennessee.

October 2022

Selfie with the random “Augusta County Industrial Sites” sign that’s visible from Interstate 81 in Virginia.

September 2022

Holding up 30 pounds’ worth of Swiss cheese at Sharp Shopper in Winchester, Virginia.

Notes: It should be noted that this is the third splash photo in a row where I am wearing the exact same outfit. This was not intentional.