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Splash Page, April 2012When I redesigned the site in 2002 to the “Minimalist” design, I also redesigned the splash page (example seen at right), which, from February 2001 until June 30, 2012, was the first page people saw when entering the site.  Until August 2002, the splash page contained the logo in large size and the URL, with an invitation to click to enter.  With the 2002 redesign, the splash page reduced the size of the logo and added a picture of me, which I changed monthly.  This was the splash page’s design for more than nine years, with only minor color changes throughout the years until the splash page was discontinued with the completion of the site’s conversion to WordPress in 2012.  At that time, the splash photo feature was temporarily moved to the Welcome page.  When the site was redesigned in September 2012, the splash photo, though now smaller in size, was placed in the upper right corner of every page.

Since August 2002, I have run many photos in the spaces where the splash photo has resided, with “whatever I find interesting” as the guideline.  All of the photos that have come and gone over the years are listed here, and I hope that you will find these photos interesting, too…

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November 2015

All smiles after a successful photo shoot in front of the former Ames store at Diamond Point Plaza outside Baltimore, Maryland.

October 2015

Car selfie.

September 2015

Standing next to a broken merry-go-round at Pentagon City Mall, while sporting a boot cast.

August 2015

For some reason, I always take selfies when I’m buying toilet paper.

July 2015

Metro selfie.

June 2015

Throwback to circa 1986, posing for a photo with a stuffed E.T. doll and a “Glow Worm” toy.

May 2015

First ride on Metro’s 7000-Series railcars.

Notes: For more photos from this day, see "I have ridden the 7000-Series…" in the Journal.

April 2015

Photographing the SS United States in Philadelphia.

March 2015

Making fun of the “Let’s see how many places this ‘private’ photo goes!” meme on the Internet.

January-February 2015

Laying on a pile of carpets at a store.

December 2014

Selfie with a fire alarm at Le Méridien in Arlington, Virginia.

November 2014

Selfie with a Wheelock NS that I made out of Legos.

October 2014

Sporting the latest in modern haberdashery design.  Or am I just wearing a spaghetti strainer on my head?

September 2014

Photo of my shadow in a shopping center parking lot in Perry Hall, Maryland, while I’m hanging onto a tree as I lean out to take a photo of a building.

August 2014

At Wiehle Avenue-Reston East station for the Silver Line grand opening.

July 2014

This mannequin had the gray jacket and white shirt already, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to give it matching gray pants and a red tie to make it look like Pee-wee Herman.

June 2014

Wearing my “Camp Rainbow” shirt at the Maryland Heights overlook across the river from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Notes: This photo comes from my May 4 trip to Harpers Ferry, discussed in the Journal entry titled, "It was a six-mile hike, mostly uphill, but the view was definitely worth it…" published on May 12, 2014.

May 2014

Selfie at the Baltimore World Trade Center.

Notes: This photo is related to the "Fun at the Inner Harbor!" Journal entry.

April 2014

Wearing my “Suck It Up, Cupcake” hoodie.

Notes: This splash photo is related to the "The mildly interesting things that you see in a day…" Journal entry.

March 2014

At Dave and Buster’s in North Bethesda, Maryland.