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Splash Page, April 2012When I redesigned the site in 2002 to the “Minimalist” design, I also redesigned the splash page (example seen at right), which, from February 2001 until June 30, 2012, was the first page people saw when entering the site.  Until August 2002, the splash page contained the logo in large size and the URL, with an invitation to click to enter.  With the 2002 redesign, the splash page reduced the size of the logo and added a picture of me, which I changed monthly.  This was the splash page’s design for more than nine years, with only minor color changes throughout the years until the splash page was discontinued with the completion of the site’s conversion to WordPress in 2012.  At that time, the splash photo feature was temporarily moved to the Welcome page.  When the site was redesigned in September 2012, the splash photo, though now smaller in size, was placed in the upper right corner of every page.

Since August 2002, I have run many photos in the spaces where the splash photo has resided, with “whatever I find interesting” as the guideline.  All of the photos that have come and gone over the years are listed here, and I hope that you will find these photos interesting, too…

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October 2007

Posing in front of the AFL-CIO headquarters.

Notes: This photo was part of the Weekend with Katie photo set, and was selected in part to evoke memories of the Million Worker March, which happened three years ago that month.

August-September 2007

In the Sable, taking a self-portrait from above with my cell phone.

July 2007

Posing for a self-portrait in the bathroom mirror before leaving the house for my first day at Food & Water Watch.

June 2007

Attempting to balance on “moon shoes” at KB Toys in Staunton Mall.

May 2007

Riding the Metro in Washington DC, on board Breda 2008, for the second time.

Notes: A similar photo was taken in 2003 in the same location on the same car, prior to this car's rehabilitation. This is also the first splash page photo to run where I did not airbrush my hair to conceal a receding hairline. Note, however, that photo restoration undertaken during the site's conversion to WordPress in 2011 and 2012 eliminated all of the earlier airbrushing.

April 2007

Up close and personal.

Notes: This was a self-portrait taken at dinner with my friend Katie.

March 2007

Wearing 3D glasses in the breakroom at work.

Notes: Interestingly enough, this was the splash page photo that was running when I was fired from Wal-Mart on March 31.

January-February 2007

Smiling at the observation deck of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

December 2006

Santa Claus and I pose for a photo, circa 1983.

November 2006

Dressed as a radical cheerleader for Halloween.

October 2006

Self-portrait of my shadow as seen on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

September 2006

Posing for a photo in Breezewood, Pennsylvania.

Notes: For those familiar with the Metro in Washington, note the FliteStar safety vest that I am wearing. I wore the safety vest on this trip because the photos I was shooting were mostly taken along a very busy road (technically an interstate), and I wanted to make absolutely sure that drivers could see me.

August 2006

Wearing my cow-spotted chef’s hat once again.

July 2006

Holding the head of Dick Cheney at the end of the No Armageddon For Bush rally.

Notes: This photo goes with a photo set about the No Armageddon event.

June 2006

Giving the peace sign for the camera.

Notes: I've also described this as "the Roman soldier who ordered five beers". Get it?

May 2006

Reflected off the ceiling in an elevator.

Notes: This is the the new elevator in Harrison Hall at James Madison University, following Harrison Hall's 2003-2005 renovation.

April 2006

Posing for a photo in the parking garage at Franconia-Springfield station.

March 2006

Attempting to ice skate at Pentagon Row.

Notes: Those of you familiar with Metro will recognize the FliteStar safety vest I am wearing. I thought it was clever at the time to wear the vest because I had no clue what I was doing skating, but looking back, it seems a little unnecessary.

February 2006

Leaning against the south entrance pylon at the Largo Town Center Metro station.

January 2006

Standing in the bottom of the empty fountain at Malcolm X Park in Washington.