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Splash Page, April 2012When I redesigned the site in 2002 to the “Minimalist” design, I also redesigned the splash page (example seen at right), which, from February 2001 until June 30, 2012, was the first page people saw when entering the site.  Until August 2002, the splash page contained the logo in large size and the URL, with an invitation to click to enter.  With the 2002 redesign, the splash page reduced the size of the logo and added a picture of me, which I changed monthly.  This was the splash page’s design for more than nine years, with only minor color changes throughout the years until the splash page was discontinued with the completion of the site’s conversion to WordPress in 2012.  At that time, the splash photo feature was temporarily moved to the Welcome page.  When the site was redesigned in September 2012, the splash photo, though now smaller in size, was placed in the upper right corner of every page.

Since August 2002, I have run many photos in the spaces where the splash photo has resided, with “whatever I find interesting” as the guideline.  All of the photos that have come and gone over the years are listed here, and I hope that you will find these photos interesting, too…

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December 2010

Season’s greetings from The Schumin Web.

November 2010

Cell phone photo of a new pair of glasses.

October 2010

“Pepsi Summer Chill Out” hand gesture.

Notes: The hand gesture comes from a summer 1991 ad campaign for Pepsi. See a 30-second spot from the campaign.

September 2010

Wading in the fountain at Dupont Circle.

Notes: For more photos from thie event, see the related Journal entry, The wading pool known as Dupont Circle...

August 2010

On the airplane at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

July 2010

“Metrobar” composite photo.

Notes: For the related Journal entry, see Themed subway cars. Now there’s an idea…

June 2010

Scientology “Ideal Org” uniform spoof.

Notes: The background image is "Vesuvius from Portici", chosen because it's a volcano like on the cover of Dianetics. Ask a Scientologist some time about why there's a volcano on the cover of Dianetics. It's fun, because they can't talk about Xenu, the alien that threw souls into volcanoes and blew them up (seriously, they actually believe this stuff), and so they end up having to do some serious back-pedaling.

May 2010

Posing with the “elephant man” on the JMU campus.

Notes: For more information on this trip, see "A fun time was had by all..." in the Journal.

April 2010

Holding up the Wheelock 7002T that I keep on my desk at work.

Notes: I took this picture for an all-staff Email, where I needed to show the consequences of leaving the coffee pot on.

March 2010

“Advice Dog” spoof.

Notes: After spending way too long working on this picture, "I spent way too much time working on this picture" is about the only thing I could think to say on it...

February 2010

At my sister’s wedding, after the reception.

Notes: The tie I'm wearing is a Metrobus tie, with little Orion Vs on it. For complete coverage of this event, see Schumin-Lysy Wedding in Life and Times.

January 2010

Posing with an oversized rubber duck at Bath and Body Works in Roanoke.

Notes: For the related Journal entry, see "ZOID"?.

December 2009

At Anonymous DC’s “Operation Snow White Christmas” raid against the Church of Scientology.

Notes: For more photos from this event, see "Long hat is long!" in the Journal.

November 2009

All smiles at the office.

October 2009

My 2008 halloween costume, where I went as a Breda 3000-Series rail car, in pre-rehab form.

September 2009

Duckpin bowling in College Park.

August 2009

Power Rangers shirt at work on a Friday…

June/July 2009

Fire alarm at work, October 12, 2007.

Notes: I wrote a Journal entry about this incident as well.

May 2009

“It’s morphin’ time!”

Notes: If you want a shirt like this, go here. They also have all the other Mighty Morphin colors, sans the White Ranger.

April 2009

Posing in front of the Liberty Bell.

Notes: This photo was taken during Anonymous DC's Philadelphia Raid.