The Schumin Web


Welcome to The Schumin Web!  My name is Ben Schumin, and whether you came here intentionally or whether you just happened upon this site while browsing the Internet, I’m glad to see you.

The Schumin Web is my world, and has been here since March 23, 1996.  Here, I discuss life as it happens, and give some sunshine to topics that many won’t discuss.

In navigating the site, the layout is two-tiered.  The site is divided into seven broad sections, and then individual pages are listed on a menu within each section.  The sections are:

Archives – Contains records of site updates, as well as archives of site features that change on a regular basis, such as the splash page or photo feature.

Journal – My entry into the “blogosphere”, where I post about topics that I consider relevant at a given point in time, from strange occurrences to politics to you-name-it.

Life and Times – Life and Times is a photographic account of things I’ve done, compared to the more text-based Journal.  Features take the format of a hybrid between Journal and Photography, mixing large sections of text with sections of photos.

Major Areas – Full-grown websites in their own right under the Schumin Web umbrella, on specialized topics.

Odds and Ends – Topics and features that for various reasons just don’t fit anywhere else.

Online Store – Clothing and other sorts of stuff are the name of the game here, should you want to have a little bit of The Schumin Web for yourself.

Photography – More formal than Life and Times, Photography covers landmarks and events, with emphasis on the photos themselves to tell the story.

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