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Abandoned Grocery Store  Afton Mountain: A Modern Ruin

James Madison University  Maryland Polar Bear Plunge 2010

Plungefest 2011  Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

SlutWalk DC  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. With my camera at my side, photography is where it’s at. In the Photography section, we take a moment to explore different aspects of the world in which we live. And one must realize that the world in which we live is indeed a very brilliant place, both by its simple nature, and by the social institutions in which we participate.

In nature, no matter the season, the world is indeed a beautiful place, whether the leaves are falling in autumn, whether the leaves are off the trees, or whether the leaves are growing back again in the spring. No matter the season, whether there’s snow on the ground, or whether the ground is able to shine, whether the sun is out, or whether the lights of the nighttime are out, nature is indeed a wonderful thing.

Our human creations are equally brilliant, as we explore the cities in which we live, and their different styles and colors in which they appear. By day, they sparkle brightly in the sunlight. At night, they glow under the shine of their own lighting. Our human creations also include the people that govern us, whether we are admiring the beauty that they and their predecessors have created, or protesting their actions in a public manner.

Photography is a wonderful thing, and I think you’ll agree. So come on in and join us, and see our oyster… the world!

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