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Smoke Over Baltimore

During the summer of 2023, smoke originating from wildfires in Canada blanketed the eastern United States with a thick layer of haze on more than one occasion, as winds carried the massive amounts of smoke produced in the wildfires far from their origin points.  While the smoke was definitely not good for air quality, increasing the risk of respiratory problems for at-risk populations, the photographer in me was glad to see it arrive because I could get photos of familiar areas now that they were shrouded in a haze.  The view looked a lot more “atmospheric”, as things began to fade into the distance at much closer distance than usual, and the horizon appeared much closer than it would on a clear day, as the smoke obscured things further away.  This was also a lot heavier than when I had previously experienced traveling wildfire smoke while on a visit to Pennsylvania in 2021.

On June 29, 2023, I was up in Baltimore with a friend, and I took my drone up over the southern part of the city to see the smoke-filled view.  I had photographed this area a year prior on a clear day, and I was amazed at how different the whole area looked when that the air was thick with smoke.  I share some comparison shots between these conditions and a clear day in “Smoke blankets the city…” in the Journal.

Baltimore skyline

View towards Camden Yards

View south towards Interstate 95

Interstate 395 interchange

Baltimore skyline

Interstate 95 viaduct

M&T Bank Stadium

Interstate 395 interchange

Interstate 395 interchange

Baltimore skyline

Sun partially obscured by haze over Baltimore

Interstate 395 interchange

Baltimore Inner Harbor

"Baltimore" smokestack, with the skyline beyond

Interstate 95 viaduct

View towards M&T Bank Stadium

Interstate 95 viaduct

Baltimore skyline

Baltimore-Washington Parkway (MD 295) interchange

Patapsco River and the Hanover Street Bridge

Interstate 395 interchange

Baltimore skyline and Interstate 95 viaduct

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