The Statue of Liberty at East Side Mario's in the Toronto Eaton CentreSiemens MS-51 pull stationJumping off the swingset into my mother's arms

In the process of creating, maintaining, and updating a Web site, there are some things that just don’t fit anywhere else. These are things might be too small to be a full-fledged section, things that are left over from a reorganization, really old stuff, or just simply random stuff. Collectively, these are the odds and ends of my Web site.

And what can I say? Random stuff is just cool. Some of the stuff in here is an institution in itself and at home in this section, like the Fire Alarm Collection or my trip to Canada. Other stuff is simply standalone material. And let’s not forget stuff where I experimented with something and did a page about it. Those can get interesting as I play with something new.

So come on in! Many worlds await when you click the items in the menu on the left side of your screen. You’ll laugh… you’ll cry… you’ll smile… or maybe you’ll just look on in amazement. But whatever you do, I think you shall be pleased.

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