Fire Alarm Collection

Wheelock 7002TFire alarms have been an interest of mine since 1987, when I was in first grade at a newly built elementary school.  The school’s alarm system had some problems initially, causing a number of accidental alarms that year.  This sparked an interest in me.  Soon, I was noticing fire alarms wherever I went.  I noted what the notification appliances looked like, and I noted the design of the pull stations.

In third grade, I discovered my elementary school’s fire alarm panel, located along a small corridor in the main office.  The panel was a simple one, manufactured by Fire-Lite.  I saw a red button on that panel that said “General Alarm”.  I quickly figured out that what I was looking at was the button that sounded the alarm for fire drills.  After this discovery, I also made note of fire alarm panels whenever I saw them.

However, my interest in fire alarms was “in the closet”, so to speak, for a long time.  I kept it to myself for fear of people thinking it was strange.  Then in 2001, I happened to find a Wheelock 7002T (pictured above) for sale on eBay.  I bought it, seeing it as a way to remember the fire drills of my elementary school days.  From there, it evolved into a full-blown hobby.  I would find auctions for fire alarm signals, and I would bid, and I got a decent collection going.  I started reading more and more about these things.  I’ve even met other fire alarm enthusiasts!

Here, I list my own collection of fire alarm equipment.  The list is by company, and then alphabetically/numerically by model.  Click the link to reach a page with more details about that particular device.

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Cerberus Pyrotronics / Siemens

Cerberus Pyrotronics MS-151
Cerberus Pyrotronics MTL-S15-S
Cerberus Pyrotronics S15-S
Pyr-A-Larm HDC-24C
Pyrotronics MS-501
Pyrotronics MS-51
Siemens S-LP70-MCS-W
Siemens U-HNH S17


Edwards 1251-0
Edwards 202-8A-001
Edwards 202-8A-101
Edwards 270A-SPO
Edwards 278B-1110
Edwards 802-2B
Edwards 874-N5
Edwards 881D-AW


Fire-Lite 450
Fire-Lite BG-10
Fire-Lite BG-6N
Fire-Lite BG-8


Gentex GEC24-75WW
Gentex GES24-15/75WR
Gentex GMS-24-1575-1
Gentex GX-90S-4
Gentex SPK4-15/75WR


Simplex 2099-9756
Simplex 2099-9795
Simplex 2901-9332
Simplex 2901-9806
Simplex 2901-9838
Simplex 2903
Simplex 4040
Simplex 4263-10
Simplex 4903-9101
Simplex 4903-9422
Simplex 4903-9425
Simplex 4904-9103
Simplex 4904-9105
Simplex 4904-9138

System Sensor

System Sensor MA/SS-24
System Sensor MASS241575ADA
System Sensor P1215
System Sensor PA400R
System Sensor PA400R with PS424
System Sensor S2415


Wheelock 34-24
Wheelock 34-24+WS-24
Wheelock 34T-24
Wheelock 46T-G6-24-WS
Wheelock 7001-24
Wheelock 7001T-24
Wheelock 7002-24
Wheelock 7002T-24
Wheelock AH-24
Wheelock AS-2415
Wheelock AS24110W
Wheelock CWHT-24
Wheelock DSM-12-24
Wheelock E-9025-WS-24
Wheelock EH-EL1-WM-24
Wheelock ET-1070-LSM-24
Wheelock HS2W-24
Wheelock LSM-24
Wheelock MIZ-24
Wheelock MT-24-LSM
Wheelock MT4-115-WH
Wheelock NS-24110W
Wheelock NS-24MCW
Wheelock PS-11A
Wheelock PS-15A
Wheelock PS-33A-WPW
Wheelock RSS-241575W-FR
Wheelock RSS-24MCW
Wheelock RSS-24MCW-DW
Wheelock TB-591-1
Wheelock UTA-WH-VPS
Wheelock WST-24

Other manufacturers

Ademco 5140MPS-2
Faraday 5516
Notifier BG-1
Space Age AV32
Standard 200177
Standard 4-350

Standard 200177

Siemens MS-51