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Chicago Botanic Garden

Orange Daylily

The Chicago Botanic Garden is a living museum of more than 2.4 million plants, situated on 385 acres of land in Glencoe, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  Spread across nine islands surrounded by 81 acres of water, the outdoor garden is home to 9,084 different kinds of plants, arranged into 33 different gardens throughout the campus.

The photos included here were taken during a visit on July 27, 2013, during my annual visit to Chicago.  The weather on this particular summer day was partly cloudy and unseasonably cold, with temperatures in the 60s for much of the day.

In making this set, my focus was on macro photography of flowering plants, getting sharp details on small features, and capturing lots of colors.  Many of these photos were taken in the Rose Garden, the English Walled Garden, the Waterfall Garden, the Water Gardens, and the Sensory Garden.  In arranging this set, plants of the same type are placed together.  The name of each plant is listed in the caption beneath the enlargement.

My thanks go out to the staff and volunteers of the Chicago Botanic Garden for their help in identifying some of these plants.

Honey Perfume Floribunda Rose Love and Peace Hybrid Tea Rose
Love and Peace Hybrid Tea Rose
Lilli Marleen Floribunda Rose Lilli Marleen Floribunda Rose
Lilli Marleen Floribunda Rose
Purple Coneflower Hybrid Tea Rose
Rosa Dainty Bess
Hybrid Rugosa Rose Turk’s Cap Lily
Hybrid Rugosa Rose
Pineapple Lily Ingrid Bergman Hybrid Tea Rose
Ingrid Bergman Hybrid Tea Rose
Love Grandiflora Rose Candelabra Grandiflora Rose
Love Grandiflora Rose
Day-Blooming Tropical Waterlily Ultra Violet Tropical Waterlily
Ultra Violet Tropical Waterlily
Fuji Blue Balloon Flower Cranesbill
Fuji Blue Balloon Flower
Daylily Golden Shower Threadleaf Coreopsis
Golden Shower Threadleaf Coreopsis
Matthew Allen Dahlia Rose Beauty Japanese Thistle
Matthew Allen Dahlia
Alaska Shasta Daisy Summer Wine Daylily
Summer Wine Daylily
Orange Daylily Autumn Colors Black-eyed Susan
Orange Daylily
Sweet William Spike Gayfeather
Spike Gayfeather
Peruvian Lily Sage
Peruvian Lily
Montgomery Florist's Spiraea Moroccan Mountain Eryngo
English Lavender
Sunshine Hollyhock Sunshine Hollyhock
Sunshine Hollyhock
Black-eyed Susan Korean Abelialeaf
English Shrub Rose
Arc-en Ciel Waterlily Fern Leaf Yarrow
American Water Lotus

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