What is hopefully the last bit of paint has now been applied, and now just to let it dry…

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February 25, 2004, 12:26 AM

At last! All the walls are painted! Things are looking so good around here. I’m still using Dad’s computer – mine’s not set back up yet. But I have now officially painted all the paint I want to paint.

So that’s a good feeling.

Next, once I check over the paint to make sure I haven’t missed anything, I’m going to start putting pieces of furniture into their new homes. The bed’s already there, but the desk needs to get put in its new position, along with the dresser. Both need to be properly repositioned.

Then after that, I need to get my new bookshelf from Wal-Mart, and put it together. And then let the stuff come roaring on back in to make this place look lived in. The stuff comes back, and then when we get far enough in to reach it, the couch will return! And in its new spot, too, where the bed used to be.

My room will be so smooth looking once this job is done. And even more so now, since we can now see a light at the end of our tunnel.

And before I forget, let’s not forget that after all the stuff comes in, the pictures go up again, completing the ensemble. And I got my authentic WMATA map back from Picture Parts in Charlottesville today, and so now my centerpiece will be ready to display. You know that Metro map is going right over the couch. I’m so excited! This will definitely NOT be a kid room anymore. This will be an adult room.

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