There’s a reason I’m not a carpenter…

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February 27, 2004, 3:17 AM

…and that bookshelf is reason enough. No, I didn’t manage to screw it up. It actually stands up, and it actually looks half decent. It is currently standing in the middle of the room, but that will hopefully only be the case until tomorrow after work, when I move all my clothes out of the way and then get that shelf settled into place against the side wall.

And then let the firestorm begin. All my stuff comes back. All remaining books return. All my video tapes return. And whatever other miscellaneous stuff I have comes back. And then once I can reach it, the couch shall return in its new home. And then the wall décor goes up.

Things will change, though. My load of books will be much lighter now, with my having gotten rid of a LOT of books I’ve outgrown. A lot will go to Mom’s sixth grade classroom, much to her delight. I believe Mom’s also giving a lot of my old books to our church. As you can see, I’ve entrusted the distribution of my discard books to Mom. She’s good at this and will do well in finding them new homes. Meanwhile, a dilemma… since I got rid of the video tape wall, and spackled and painted over the remains after the hardware was removed, the question remains… where in the heck am I going to put all my videos?!? True, I have those two new cabinets that are next to the computer, but I know they’ll be full.

That’s one of two design shortcomings we’re working on. The other is placing the printer. I figure I’m probably going to put it on a wire shelf (and you’d better believe it will be Mainstays brand) above the scanner. Good idea, but I bought the wrong size after work. Too wide. I consider it to be unrealistic for the shelf to support the printer with one side off the desk, suspended in thin air. So, before I go to work at the Service Desk tomorrow, I’m going to be a customer at the Service Desk, as I return the perfectly-good-but-the-wrong-size wire shelf. I knew I should have gotten the medium width shelf. Ah, well. Could be worse. That new bookshelf of mine could have been missing some parts, so I could have had to box that up and return it, and do battle with the stairs again. At least the thing I have to return is light.

Of course, when I bought the little wire shelf, the first thing I did with it was put it on my head. Don’t know why I did that, but I’m sure it was important at the time.

Web site: An article about a Supercenter opening in 2000. This Supercenter is bigger than our Waynesboro store, by the way.

Song: "This Kitten Needs Love" - Yes, the crying cat song.

Quote: "Wrong size... well, at least I work there."

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