Bought my new bookshelf. Talk about heavy…

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February 27, 2004, 12:27 AM

I carried the bookshelf into the house and up the stairs myself. Let me tell you… that thing was a major b—- to carry. Now realize that I brought this on myself by buying it. But man… carrying the box from the car (which I parked as close to the house as I could) to the house, up four steps to the front door, and then up another fourteen steps to my room is a serious climb with a bookshelf taller than me.

But I made it, and now I just have to assemble it and put it in its right spot.

Meanwhile, I finally got the permanent light bulbs for my torchieres. I had previously had 100-watt bulbs in there. They gave off an unpleasant yellowish glow, inherent to normal incandescent bulbs. I like a more whitish light, and so for the real bulbs (I knew I was replacing them anyway since these are three-way lamps), I got GE “Reveal” bulbs, which is “the bulb that uncovers pure, true light”. Basically they have a blue tint on them that counters the normal yellow tint, to give that white color that I like.

It’s enough to make the torchieres really good now, and some excellent evening lights. Plus with all of them being three-way, I can also create some excellent mood lighting, with around sixteen different light combinations to choose from with four settings on each lamp (on, 50 watt, 100 watt, 150 watt), and four lamps to set.

And yes, I’m writing this in the light of my torchieres. Excellent lighting.

Meanwhile, work was good as well. Paydays are always good. And payday with direct deposit is even better.

And now, in the glow of the torchiere lamps, I am going to attempt to put together this bookshelf. Wish me luck!

Web site: General Electric's Web site about the Reveal bulbs

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