The verdict: We slept well in the bed’s new location

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February 21, 2004, 11:55 AM

Yeah, all in all, it was a good sleep. It felt a little close to the wall, though, so I may very well adjust it for that. But I did indeed sleep well.

The weird part, though, was the fact that the dresser was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BED. That’s not a permanent thing. That’s because I can’t put it in its real spot yet because the last bit of painting still needs to be done.

Plus I haven’t bought my new lamps yet, nor my new bookshelf. I also still have to assemble the cabinets I bought.

So anyway, I’m going to work now, and when I get back, I start cleaning off the computer desk so I can paint behind it.

Web site: Roger Wilco's Virtual Broom Closet, a site about Space Quest games. You didn't know I was a Space Quest buff, did you?

Song: Don't really have one right now

Quote: "I didn't know if I'd like being this close to the window, but I do!"

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