The bookshelf is in place and loaded up!

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February 28, 2004, 1:10 AM

Yes, the bookshelf is in its real place now, and also really surprised me: I put all the books in, and there’s a whole shelf left to fill! I’m surprised. Sure, I gave away a lot of old books, but still… I’m surprised to have that much extra space. It’s scary, that’s for sure. Still, I got three tubs’ worth of stuff unpacked, loaded onto that new bookshelf.

Next up: video tapes. There’s no more video tape wall. So where on earth am I going to put all these tapes? I know that the cabinets next to the desk are insufficiently sized (and we knew that going in), so we’ll see what happens. I’ll figure out where it goes in the end, I’m sure, but right now, we’ll see.

I also moved most of the pictures for the walls back in here. Not necessarily to put them up right away, but just to get behind them. They were the last things I put in.

Still, video tapes… I need to think about them.

Web site: Elidel - I'm watching their commercial right now - "Ask your doctor if I'm right for you!"

Song: Robin Williams talking about "Dr. Roof"

Quote: "I still have an empty shelf? You're kidding..."

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