The video tape wall is clear…

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February 9, 2004, 2:17 AM

That’s frightening. My video tape wall is clear. Total time? Ten minutes. Packed into two tubs. What do I have to say about it? It’s done!

And the waste products were light. Mostly just dust. Also, here’s a tip. Never EVER buy white shelves. That’s a major reason why these shelves are being removed.

Now all I have to do is clear off the top of the bookshelf and remove that, and then move the recliner out of the corner (where it was quickly stowed so we could put the futon in) and then clean around that area. Then also some miscellaneous de-junking of the desk, the dresser, and the area right in front of the dresser.

Then we attack the walls, clearing them. But not until I take progress photos.

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The bookshelf is clean now, and my, what a trip down memory lane it was.

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February 8, 2004, 11:27 PM

So the bookshelf is clear. That’s an accomplishment. That thing hasn’t been totally clear since 1992 when we moved here. I’m taking the opportunity with this project to update my book collection. A lot of my kiddie books are going. Going where? I’m probably going to donate them somewhere.

And such a trip down memory lane it is, too. It took hours because I was revisiting old books. I also found old outdated textbooks from elementary school on there. See, when I went to Grimes Elementary in Rogers, Arkansas, they would simply give away old textbooks to the students when they were adopting a new book for a subject. So I have old reading books (second grade with Mrs. Cline), an old English book (fifth grade with Mrs. Bradley the first), and an old Social Studies book (fourth grade with Mrs. Maidt). In my sixth grade year at Stuarts Draft Middle School, we could buy old textbooks about to be retired for $1.00 each. So I snagged me a copy of my old English book (Mrs. Miller’s class), as well as the math book that I had with Mrs. Kucs (pronounced “kooch”). Now all I have to do is clear off the top, and we can put it into motion and move it on out. I’m getting a new bookshelf that’s taller but narrower (basically the same capacity).

Next thing I attack is the video tape wall, which is a set of five “built in” shelves that Mom and I put in some years ago, and are now hideously overcrowded and ugly. They never really had a defined purpose when we put them in. We just thought some shelves were a good idea (see the red flag going up?). So they went up, and have always been kind of unfortunate. So when that gets cleared out, the shelves are coming down.

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Slowly but surely, this room is going to get there…

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February 8, 2004, 3:26 AM

So I’m nearly done with the cleaning phase of the job. I have three more areas to deal with. The bookshelf, the filing cabinet, and the videotape wall. All three areas, by the way, involve furniture that will not be reappearing when the job is done. And most of the stuff in these areas is crap anyway.

Also, my Metro map is officially on its way. In my new remodeled room, above the couch will be an authentic Metro subway map from 1996, an overrun from when they printed maps for the opening of Franconia-Springfield. I’m getting it framed at Picture Parts, a custom-framing shop in Charlottesville that does good work at a nice little price. Since these Metro maps are definitely NOT normal poster dimensions.

Then after that comes the demolition phase, when all the walls get cleared and the nail-holes filled. That will look really weird. But once we’re all done with that, we’ll paint and rearrange together in phases. And lastly, shampooing the rug, hanging new pictures, and calling it a job well done. Yaaaaaaay…

Still, I’m impressed. Some progress photos will be taken before too long. I’m also going to try to do my room as a worthwhile companion to Mom and Dad’s room, as I go for a slightly darker shade of color than I otherwise would…

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We went to Virginia Tech today, and so that was fun…

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February 7, 2004, 12:03 AM

On my day off of work today, Mom and I went to Virginia Tech to visit Sis. Fun time it was. We did the typical visit-me-at-JMU thing from when I lived in Potomac Hall. We drive down. That’s different from the JMU part, because unlike going to JMU, where it’s a 30-40 minute drive, it’s two hours to Tech. This also makes it a much less frequent visit than it is for going to JMU.

But anyway, first we picked up Sis at her dorm. Mind you, her dorm is Lee Hall at Tech. The side of Lee Hall that faces the road is significantly lower than the road. So water pooled (about an inch or so deep, so this was a considerable amount of water) on the sidewalk in front of Lee. Yecch. And we find out how little that my sister has gotten to know the people she lives with. I’m waiting in the lobby for her, and these other girls pass through the lobby who presumably live there. This is also about the time I’m starting to wonder what’s taking her so long. I ask the girls, “Have you seen Ann Schumin anywhere?” Blank stares. Then Sis comes in before they left the room. I tell them, “That’s Ann Schumin!” They tell me they’ve never seen her before, and Sis tells me that they don’t live on her floor. To me, that’s no excuse. When I lived in a dorm, particularly freshman year, I was a little social butterfly. I got to know a lot of people in the dorm.

So anyway, the two of us waded through that puddle in front of her dorm, and then we get to the car, and go to the bookstore. Now the entire valley had a big ice storm with both sleet and freezing rain. So Tech was a bit icy. We go to Tech’s bookstore, which, as you’d expect, was filled with cheesy overpriced Tech merchandise. And Mom couldn’t find a “VT MOM” shirt. Meanwhile, Sis and I explored upstairs, to the “next upstairs”, which is a little convenience store, and then the “next next upstairs” where they sell the textbooks. Also highly overpriced. Sis showed me samples of some of the books she bought for this semester. Heavy. Also, the textbook area is a bit of a hazard, with it being “stepped”, and steps and ramps and dropoffs without railings in places. Can we say “lawsuit” if someone ever got hurt in there?

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Freezing rain. Just what I love driving in coming home from work!

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February 6, 2004, 11:16 AM

Yeah, lovely drive home on Thursday. Kind of icy, and I forgot to get that hoagie that I wanted after work. This is a big hoagie. The sandwich is like 14 inches long, and five inches across, at least. I wanted to eat it, but forgot to get it…

And it’s sleeting. Greeeeeeeeeat…

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February 3, 2004, 2:07 AM

It’s sleeting outside. I found out when I dumped out my trash at two in the morning. (Hey, I was cleaning in preparation for my redecoration, and the can was full.) So I heard that specific clinking sound of ice falling all around on everything. Just wonderful. Especially when we realize that it’s coming down pretty well, first of all, and secondly, that I’m going to have to drive in this tomorrow to go to work. Yaaaaay.

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Somehow I know we’re getting six more weeks of winter…

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February 2, 2004, 10:27 AM

My good friend Ellen Bowman Kokinda had this on her away message:

Thanks a lot Punxsutawney Phil for the crappy prediction……you suck

Somehow, I think the groundhog saw his shadow. And it doesn’t bother me… I like winter.

I had a professor one time who actually was a major groundhog fan, telling us how he used to keep a groundhog as a pet. He said he had to get rid of the groundhog when his wife said it was either her or the groundhog. Then of course he also said, “I celebrate Groundhog’s Day with a test!” A real one, worth 25% of the class grade. I kind of doubt the authenticity of his groundhog stories, but they were amusing at the time. But you never know for sure, since the guy was from Deerfield anyway.

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My accomplishment for today, besides those mentioned earlier: The futon is out!

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February 1, 2004, 10:06 PM

Yes, the futon is out of here. It’s on its side in Sis’s room across the hall for the time being so that I have room to clean and paint and such. It looks so weird in here without the couch. And it’s soon to get weirder, since the futon’s temporary departure makes room for more cleaning, since it blocked a LOT of stuff.

See, the futon was originally purchased for Potomac Hall. It had no place here, and actually spent the summer of 2002 in storage at Potomac Hall. It still really has no place in this room, and when it needed to go here, I shuffled things around rather quickly to make it fit somewhere. As a result, my recliner got blocked in. Now I can get that loose, and clean around there, and I can also clean around the other side of the couch. I need to take some more pictures just to show the progress of the cleaning alone.

Overarching realization: it’s amazing how much crap accumulates around here. I have some stuff that’s getting straight-up dumped. Other stuff is getting sold. Other stuff is being given away. And what’s left will fill my new “adult” room. I’m excited.

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Returned the Z-Coils, and got a Breda on my phone

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February 1, 2004, 7:26 PM

Well, my saga with Z-Coil shoes came to an end, as I returned the shoes to the store, and the gentleman gave me back my check, which the store had not yet cashed. I felt really bad returning them, but I felt even worse that day that I wore them to work. Wearing my Airwalks and having the heel pain actually felt good after dealing with the Z-Coils.

And I repeat, they’re not bad shoes. Just not the right shoes for me. Some people swear by them. They didn’t work out for me.

Meanwhile, I figured out how to download pictures to my computer from my new cell phone and vice versa. So now I have a picture of the Charlottesville Wal-Mart on my computer that I took from the parking lot, and I have a picture of a Breda train on my phone that I took a year ago as my phone background. Now my phone is really me, and has personality.

Plus my ring-tone is “Funicula”, which I remember as a TV jingle for a board game called “Grape Escape”. So now my phone is really me…

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