The bookshelf is clean now, and my, what a trip down memory lane it was.

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February 8, 2004, 11:27 PM

So the bookshelf is clear. That’s an accomplishment. That thing hasn’t been totally clear since 1992 when we moved here. I’m taking the opportunity with this project to update my book collection. A lot of my kiddie books are going. Going where? I’m probably going to donate them somewhere.

And such a trip down memory lane it is, too. It took hours because I was revisiting old books. I also found old outdated textbooks from elementary school on there. See, when I went to Grimes Elementary in Rogers, Arkansas, they would simply give away old textbooks to the students when they were adopting a new book for a subject. So I have old reading books (second grade with Mrs. Cline), an old English book (fifth grade with Mrs. Bradley the first), and an old Social Studies book (fourth grade with Mrs. Maidt). In my sixth grade year at Stuarts Draft Middle School, we could buy old textbooks about to be retired for $1.00 each. So I snagged me a copy of my old English book (Mrs. Miller’s class), as well as the math book that I had with Mrs. Kucs (pronounced “kooch”). Now all I have to do is clear off the top, and we can put it into motion and move it on out. I’m getting a new bookshelf that’s taller but narrower (basically the same capacity).

Next thing I attack is the video tape wall, which is a set of five “built in” shelves that Mom and I put in some years ago, and are now hideously overcrowded and ugly. They never really had a defined purpose when we put them in. We just thought some shelves were a good idea (see the red flag going up?). So they went up, and have always been kind of unfortunate. So when that gets cleared out, the shelves are coming down.

On the bookshelf, though, something must have happened at some point. See, a few books in a certain area of the shelf had water damage. No idea what caused it, since there’s never been any water problems, plus the books above the area are fine (it’s on the bottom shelf). Who knows.

So now to take out more trash. So much junk was stashed between the books. A lot of that junk was removed and discarded. I was amazed.

So we’re getting there. Good.

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Quote: "Amazing how much dust can collect in places..."

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