Slowly but surely, this room is going to get there…

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February 8, 2004, 3:26 AM

So I’m nearly done with the cleaning phase of the job. I have three more areas to deal with. The bookshelf, the filing cabinet, and the videotape wall. All three areas, by the way, involve furniture that will not be reappearing when the job is done. And most of the stuff in these areas is crap anyway.

Also, my Metro map is officially on its way. In my new remodeled room, above the couch will be an authentic Metro subway map from 1996, an overrun from when they printed maps for the opening of Franconia-Springfield. I’m getting it framed at Picture Parts, a custom-framing shop in Charlottesville that does good work at a nice little price. Since these Metro maps are definitely NOT normal poster dimensions.

Then after that comes the demolition phase, when all the walls get cleared and the nail-holes filled. That will look really weird. But once we’re all done with that, we’ll paint and rearrange together in phases. And lastly, shampooing the rug, hanging new pictures, and calling it a job well done. Yaaaaaaay…

Still, I’m impressed. Some progress photos will be taken before too long. I’m also going to try to do my room as a worthwhile companion to Mom and Dad’s room, as I go for a slightly darker shade of color than I otherwise would…

Web site: Snadra's House again, since it's really quite inspiring.

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