Somehow I know we’re getting six more weeks of winter…

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February 2, 2004, 10:27 AM

My good friend Ellen Bowman Kokinda had this on her away message:

Thanks a lot Punxsutawney Phil for the crappy prediction……you suck

Somehow, I think the groundhog saw his shadow. And it doesn’t bother me… I like winter.

I had a professor one time who actually was a major groundhog fan, telling us how he used to keep a groundhog as a pet. He said he had to get rid of the groundhog when his wife said it was either her or the groundhog. Then of course he also said, “I celebrate Groundhog’s Day with a test!” A real one, worth 25% of the class grade. I kind of doubt the authenticity of his groundhog stories, but they were amusing at the time. But you never know for sure, since the guy was from Deerfield anyway.

Web site: What did I tell you... check the news report. Good ol' Phil saw his shadow.

Song: Medley of songs from the first Sister Act movie when Whoopi (as Deloris Van Cartier) was singing in the lounge

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