We had a slight change to my Wal-Mart appearance today…

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February 27, 2004, 11:53 PM

I got a new vest! Finally, one that fits properly. It’s BIG. I can button it up and still have room to spare.

It’s also technically a women’s vest, since it’s a little bit longer than the men’s vests. This works out well for me, since now my vest’s pockets are actually at a level where I can actually make good use of them. They were too high on the other vest. Only weird thing is that it buttons the other way. But that’s women’s fashions for you, I guess.

And the bit of humor I injected into it is my comment about why I have the women’s vest: “Hey, I’m a big girl.”

Meanwhile, the latest adventure of “Fools With Tools” was putting together that bookshelf. I managed to scrape against a half-assembled shelf, and cut the top of my foot for an inch’s length. It doesn’t hurt too much, and didn’t bleed too much, either. So there you go.

Now tonight we put the shelf in its right place and then start loading it. And I got the right size shelf for the printer.

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