The computer is dismantled now. That’s weird looking.

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February 24, 2004, 11:52 AM

The computer is now dismantled, and all the components (the computer itself, the monitor, etc.) are piled up on and around my blue recliner. It looks so strange, let me tell you. And I pulled the desk out to clean behind it, plus pick up whatever wires are remaining behind the desk.

And once that’s done, I just have to do some taping, and the last stage of painting will commence. This will complete the paint job. And then it’s all downhill from there once the paint dries. Then I start putting furniture back. I purchase and assemble the new bookshelf. The card table that the paint stuff is on will get put back. The paint stuff that I paid all of $3 for which included a brush, two rollers, and a tray (go Mainstays brand) will get thrown out, and the remaining paint (I estimate I will have about half a can left when I’m done) will go to the garage where it will sit in reserve for touch-ups and such as needed.

I just can’t wait to be done with this. My deadline for being out of Sis’s room is fast approaching, and I’m getting tired of things being all over the place. I’m ready to be done with it, and get Mom in there to give my carpet a good shampooing (I am officially not allowed to do that myself because Mom’s like that, so it’s not like I’m passing the buck or anything).

And last night, I put together some storage cabinets for the corner of the room, and also put together my torchieres. Now I’ll be happy when this place is finished, so I can have my room back…

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