You want to talk about a strange dream…

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September 22, 2003, 11:29 PM

Yeah, this is a weird one that I had last night.

Picture it, if you will. I’m in Harrisonburg, in Potomac Hall, in the pavilion room, with the 2002-2003 hall staff (which I was a part of), plus Mandee, the new hall director. In this little meeting, we’re telling Mandee all of the evils of working with Mecca, the hall director that we had to deal with (more like suffer through). Well, later in the dream, I get a phone call on my cell phone, which is rather strange, because (A) I don’t keep it on, and (B) I don’t give out the number for my cell phone. So who was the person on the other end? It was Mecca! How interesting. Mecca says, “Benjamin, why am I calling you? Why were you in there talking about me?” I got to finally put Mecca in her place over the cell. It felt good. The basic gist of it was well, what are you going to do about it? I don’t work for Residence Life anymore! I’d like to see you try! Boy, that felt good. That felt VERY good.

And just a clear reminder to the thought police (pardon, Office of Residence Life), this was indeed a dream. And a darn amusing one at that, too.

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Important skill of managing one’s self on a high-traffic section of a college campus: watch where you’re going

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September 9, 2003, 1:06 PM

Okay… I’m a klutz. I stop, say hello to one person, and smash into another person. Really great coordination. Thankfully, I’m skilled in the fine art of “excuse me”, “oh, I’m sorry”, and “pardon me”. Still, even better would be to simply not run into them in the first place…

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September 8, 2003, 7:54 PM

I’m finished! No more internship work! I’m packing it all up tomorrow and turning it in! You don’t know how happy this makes me, considering I’ve been writing for several days about this whole thing. Oh, but I’ll be so glad when it’s turned in…

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36 to nothing, in Virginia Tech’s favor…

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September 6, 2003, 2:34 PM

It’s 3:17 PM on Saturday, September 6 (my server’s on central time, and I’m on Eastern, thus the timestamp disparity), and JMU is playing Virginia Tech, and Virginia Tech is winning, with the score at 36 to zip. And as everyone at JMU and Virginia Tech expected, JMU’s getting their clocks cleaned by the Hokies.

This is also interesting for our family because my parents have a child on both sides of the fence. I’m a JMU Duke, and my sister’s a Hokie. However, there were no hostilities between schools in our family. Mom has booty shorts for both schools (and let’s never speak of those booty shorts again), and we all agree that Tech is going to mop the floor with purple and gold.

I also found it amusing what JMU’s football coach Mickey Matthews said in the September 4 issue of The Breeze. He said that we have to play “smart”. I just wonder whether playing smart is football-speak for “we don’t have a prayer”…

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You don’t realize how much you missed it until you’re back…

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September 4, 2003, 1:51 AM

Whee, today was a trip down memory lane. I was in Harrisonburg today, and re-connected with all the buddies. First I went to Canterbury for LPCM, where we did the usual Wednesday thing. Good to be back! Then I visited Jackson, Chris, Patrick, Will, Adam, etc., along with Callie, and connected with them for a while.


I called up my friend Aaron, who’s a current RA in Potomac, and so I got to spend about half an hour visiting Potomac again! Boy, how I miss that place. Potomac has a special place in my heart. So many fond memories.

So many memories, and so many good friends…

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Research… it’s always an interesting thing.

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September 3, 2003, 1:45 PM

After we leave the Office on Youth, we have to finish the job with some paperwork. I’ve been researching the ups and downs of personality assessments, and such. An interesting history they have, too, but since I’m specifically focusing on one particular assessment (DiSC), it’s fun to find actual academic stuff about it, vs. pages upon pages of marketing crap. Still, I think this is going to be a good research paper.

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Ever heard of CMATA?

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September 2, 2003, 7:50 AM

Who would think I could take elements of The High Speed Credit Pursuit and make a public administration case out of it? But I did… so I created for this project the Carinthia Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, otherwise known as CMATA. That ought to be a fun case, as I threw in a bunch of inside jokes not only on the “system map” for the subway (a modification of Metro‘s system map), but also in the case itself. Fun…

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And that concludes the first day of the new year!

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August 26, 2003, 5:24 PM

It’s over. Day 1 is over. I’ve been, I’ve seen, I’m getting the T-shirt. I also need to make the display on this thing longer, since I’ve posted three things today including this. And with five things showing here before it rolls over to the Archives, I need to lengthen here.

Still, things are going well. I actually was able to make my phone number nonpublished at JMU by deleting all my phone information from Ecampus, not to replace it until after the phone directory is released. I have a thing about not wanting to get called. I prefer Email or IM over phone calls.

Meanwhile, I’m in Hillside Lab writing this, while the band plays on outside. My sister’s boyfriend Matt Smiley is in JMU’s band – I should go say hello.

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It seems that my purpose today is…

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August 26, 2003, 9:59 AM

It seems that my purpose today is to justify to everyone why I’m still here. After all, I’m a fifth-year “super senior” on campus now, so everyone is surprised I’m still here. But I am. And the day is still young…

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I should just change my plates to say “PRT A DRM”

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August 26, 2003, 7:54 AM

Well, it’s my first day back at JMU again, now as a part-time commuter student. And so my car is once again pressed into service as what I call the “Port-a-Dorm”, so named because it’s my base on campus while I’m here. A place to put my stuff. I’m sure Residence Life just HATES that term because it’s somewhat making fun of their whole thing, but… I like the term.

Meanwhile, my sister’s down at Tech, and I’m at Madison… kind of interesting, comparing colleges and such.

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