I should just change my plates to say “PRT A DRM”

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August 26, 2003, 7:54 AM

Well, it’s my first day back at JMU again, now as a part-time commuter student. And so my car is once again pressed into service as what I call the “Port-a-Dorm”, so named because it’s my base on campus while I’m here. A place to put my stuff. I’m sure Residence Life just HATES that term because it’s somewhat making fun of their whole thing, but… I like the term.

Meanwhile, my sister’s down at Tech, and I’m at Madison… kind of interesting, comparing colleges and such.

Web site: JMU's own port-a-dorms back in the 1970s. Hillside Hall (a dorm) now lives in that location.

Song: Believe it or not, none.

Quote: "Well, happy borthday (sic) to you!"

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