36 to nothing, in Virginia Tech’s favor…

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September 6, 2003, 2:34 PM

It’s 3:17 PM on Saturday, September 6 (my server’s on central time, and I’m on Eastern, thus the timestamp disparity), and JMU is playing Virginia Tech, and Virginia Tech is winning, with the score at 36 to zip. And as everyone at JMU and Virginia Tech expected, JMU’s getting their clocks cleaned by the Hokies.

This is also interesting for our family because my parents have a child on both sides of the fence. I’m a JMU Duke, and my sister’s a Hokie. However, there were no hostilities between schools in our family. Mom has booty shorts for both schools (and let’s never speak of those booty shorts again), and we all agree that Tech is going to mop the floor with purple and gold.

I also found it amusing what JMU’s football coach Mickey Matthews said in the September 4 issue of The Breeze. He said that we have to play “smart”. I just wonder whether playing smart is football-speak for “we don’t have a prayer”…

Web site: I'm calling this game... click the link and see who I'm calling as the winner.

Song: JMU Fight Song that I still don't know all the bloody words to

Quote: "You want to see carnage? Watch Tech kill Madison."

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