And that concludes the first day of the new year!

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August 26, 2003, 5:24 PM

It’s over. Day 1 is over. I’ve been, I’ve seen, I’m getting the T-shirt. I also need to make the display on this thing longer, since I’ve posted three things today including this. And with five things showing here before it rolls over to the Archives, I need to lengthen here.

Still, things are going well. I actually was able to make my phone number nonpublished at JMU by deleting all my phone information from Ecampus, not to replace it until after the phone directory is released. I have a thing about not wanting to get called. I prefer Email or IM over phone calls.

Meanwhile, I’m in Hillside Lab writing this, while the band plays on outside. My sister’s boyfriend Matt Smiley is in JMU’s band – I should go say hello.

Web site: Marching Royal Dukes

Song: Madison, James Madison... I'm a fifth-year senior, and still don't know all the words to this bloody song.

Quote: "Yes, I'm still here! I'll graduate when I'm good and ready!"

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