Now this is an interesting situation…

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September 24, 2008, 7:06 PM

This is an interesting situation. Halloween will involve a costume contest at work, and also likely an Anonymous raid after work. Lots of fun stuff going on, all requiring special outfits.

And the problem is that I can’t exactly wear the same costume for both things. I thought about just wearing the zentai that I wear for Anonymous for both things, but we run into two problems. First of all, the zentai has a set of gloves built into it, and I generally don’t do well with that, since for me, gloves rarely ever fit me “like a glove”. It’s a cruel reality. And my zentai is no exception. I’ve tried typing in it, and it doesn’t work. The other problem is that the zentai only has a back zipper that goes from mid-back to shoulders. No zippers in the front. If I need to answer nature’s call, I have to peel the whole suit off. I’ve commented that going to the bathroom in the zentai takes ten minutes. Four to take the suit off, one to actually answer nature’s call, one to wash my hands, and then four to put it all back on.

However, it’s not like my coworkers don’t know about the fact that I run with Anonymous, and about the zentai I wear to raids. After all, one of my coworkers yelled my name out at the May raid, and another one of my coworkers was passing by and posed with me for a photo at the September raid. Take a look…

Justine and I at the September raid.  I'm obviously the one in the zentai suit.

I commented later that she came by “just for the lulz”. After all, lulz are what I think keeps people motivated in many endeavors. Yes, we believe that the Church of Scientology is a dangerous cult that must be stopped, but then there’s also that “lulz” factor that just keeps things so amazingly fun.

So what am I considering doing for work? I’m currently tossing around the idea of dusting off the radical cheerleader outfit again for its third use. I’m pretty confident that I won’t get to take it out for a protest this year, because about the only major event between now and the end of the year is the fall meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and if there were going to be an A16 or an October Rebellion, I would have known about it by now. However, past experience shows that the street scene kind of trails off as the election nears, as activists focus their efforts on the election, and people don’t want to draw attention off of the election. The Million Worker March was the one shining exception to that, and even then, many people wished that demonstration hadn’t happened with only two weeks to go before the 2004 election.

Then of course, I could always come up with something totally new for Halloween 2008. Could be exciting, seeing what my imagination and my wallet can come up with. Of I could always resurrect a different classic costume from the past, with the Thnikkaman from Homestar Runner coming to mind, which I did in 2004. Or of course, I could do something like one of the many costumes from my younger days. Let’s see… I was a turtle in preschool, a clown in kindergarten, a crayon in first grade, Alvin the Chipmunk in second grade, a pirate in third grade, a devil in fourth grade, a vampire in fifth grade, a ghost in sixth grade, and a pumpkin in seventh grade. And I was amazingly cute in all of them. In fact, resurrecting the pirate one might be fun, because there’s an amazing selection of pirate stuff at the party store around the corner from where I live. Plus, I already own a pirate hat.

So I’ve got a month to figure it all out. This might be a lot of fun, don’t you know. Though goodness knows how many bags of stuff I’m going to be bringing to work with me for halloween. After all, it will involve three costume changes. Once to put on the Halloween costume once I get to work. Then once to change into the zentai for the raid. Then a third to change out of the zentai after the raid.

Web site: Nothing But Costumes - you may recall that I bought my Guy Fawkes masks from this company back in May. All of their V for Vendetta stuff has the line, "GO ANON!" on it. That makes me happy.

Song: 1988 "Saturday Rocks" theme from CBS Saturday mornings (more on that later)

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