So this will be an interesting summer, I’d say…

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June 24, 2008, 10:48 PM

I’m looking at what’s coming down the pike for this summer, and I can tell right now that this is going to be a great summer. First of all, look at Schumin Web! It’s all refreshed for the summer as we’ve gone “square” with this new background. No more fades here as it’s been for nearly four years. The color gradient is gone, and we’ve moved on to a pattern. Hopefully this will make things look a little more festive.

And then I’m going to be busy in July, with two Anon events – July 12 and July 19. By then I ought to have something really cool figured out for a costume, since here’s the thing – the “black bloc” look doesn’t seem to work at Anonymous events. When I hang out with the anarchists, yes – black bloc is the style. For Anonymous, it’s more like a masquerade ball, since many people really get into the dress of the event, and dress in wild outfits while including the all important mask (don’t want to get fair gamed, after all – or R2-45’d for that matter). And as I learned on June 14, the Guy Fawkes mask is too warm for the summer. However, we must admit – I had fun at Operation Sea Arrrgh with my Guy Fawkes mask and all:

Me at Operation Sea Arrrgh. Photo: Tenshirisu on Flickr
Photo: Tenshirisu on Flickr

As you can tell, I was having fun, dancing to the Numa Numa song in this photo. But yeah, a plastic mask is too warm for the summer.

Then after all the Anon stuff, Katie’s coming! She arrives on the Amtrak Cardinal on Tuesday the 22nd, and will be around until Friday the 25th. We’re going to have so much fun, just like we always do, spending a day in DC, and a day outside DC. And I still need to figure out what the outside-DC day will be like. And then on Friday, we’re taking the Sable back down, and then I get to see my parents in Stuarts Draft, because it’s about time I came to see them on their turf.

And then in August? VACATION! I’m going to Virginia Beach the last week of August, and I’m excited. It’s been three years since the last time I really took a get-out-of-town vacation, and so I’d say I’m due for one. 2006’s “vacation” involved two DC trips but not much else, and 2007 didn’t have a formal vacation at all, what with the move to DC and everything. And this time around, I have all sorts of fancy new camera equipment. I have the Kodak which takes exposures twice as long as Big Mavica could – good for sunrises – and then I have the waterproof “Duckie” camera, where who knows – I might even be able to take some shots in the water this time. This will be so fun…

Web site: The East Coast Price is Right - turns out that Mom was looking at this today. I see that now, and I think, look at that hair.

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Quote: So this is going to be a fun summer! I'm looking forward to it.