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If you ever wanted to know what a BSOD looks like on a dual-monitor configuration, here it is.

October 9, 2006, 1:46 AM

In my nearly two years of having a dual-monitor configuration, I believe that tonight was the first time that I’ve had the Blue Screen of Death. And I was surprised to see how it went. Take a look…

"Blue screen of death" on dual monitor configuration

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Categories: Computer

I have taken possession of the laptop…

October 3, 2006, 7:58 PM

I’ve officially taken possession of Mom’s old laptop, which means that I will finally have a mobile station with a wireless card for whatever. Think about when I take a really long-distance trip where I take a photo set, like when I went to Breezewood in May (and I’m embarrassed to say that five months later, still no photo set). I would be able to review my shots while still on site, and start that ball rolling early – perhaps re-shoot some photos that came out poorly before leaving. It opens the door to the possibility.

But first, I have to fix it all up. Mom wouldn’t let me format it and start with a clean slate when she was using it. Now I’m reformatting that puppy. It’s all getting redone from scratch, since she always had issues with that thing. Now that I’m moving in, it’s going to run like it’s mine.

Then once that gets done, I’m going to temporarily move in completely in order to do some work on my real computer. It’s not the second rehabilitation that I’d spoken about before, but I do want to redo some stuff.

Categories: Computer

You know what they say…

October 2, 2006, 8:54 AM

You know what they say… what’s worse than being seasick once? Being seasick twice, of course!

Okay, I just wanted to throw that one out there.

Meanwhile, I’ve misread my schedule at work a few times over nearly three years with Wal-Mart, but this one was particularly amusing. Today, I showed up for work four hours early. I showed up at 7:00 AM – sharp – and I didn’t have to be there until 11. That one was almost as bad as the time when I thought I was off Wednesday and Thursday of a particular week, rather than off Tuesday and Wednesday of that week. I showed up at 7:00 AM – sharp – and had my vest on and everything, went to clock in, and the timeclock kicked me out, since I wasn’t scheduled. Turned out that they needed an extra person on Tuesday, so they were able to accommodate my mistake, thank goodness.

Today, the question soon turned to what to do for four hours. I think I spent the time wisely. I went to Shoney’s, had a nice breakfast, and read The Washington Post. The Post is always a good read, when I have the time. I can polish off the Staunton News Leader in fifteen minutes on a slow news day. Then another ten minutes and I can knock out the Waynesboro News-Virginian. A slow news day with The Washington Post will take at least an hour.

And now, here I am, writing to you from the Augusta County Library, which is between Shoney’s in Staunton (I won’t go to the one in Waynesboro) and work.

So there you go.

Categories: Walmart

My kingdom for a notepad cover!

October 1, 2006, 10:20 PM

Remember back in October 2004, when I wrote this Journal entry? It was about when a company called Myron sent me a notepad with a flip-top cover as a free sample, printed with the name of my father’s consulting business, “Evolved Quality Consulting”.

I actually started using that notepad back in August 2005, and still do. I’ve actually refilled the notepad twice since I got it. I use it to log the transit vehicles that I ride in. For instance, this is what I logged in my little notepad on September 24, 2005:

Transit log, September 24, 2005

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