Take a look at this, and see what the problem is:

October 28, 2004, 11:38 PM

Evolved Quality Consulting

See the problem, circled in red? A little bitty problem here. They addressed the wrong “Mr. Schumin” entirely. My father, Ray Schumin, owns and operates Evolved Quality Consulting LLC. Instead, Myron, the company that sent this, sent it to ME, Ben Schumin. Right household, wrong face.

Now if it were addressed to me with the company name “Schumin Web Design” on it, or even the outdated “Almond Street Image Service” on it, that would be something else, since those are business names associated with me at The Schumin Web. But nooooooo. This is the father’s business name with the son’s name attached to it.

Needless to say, this error spoke volumes about this company, especially in sending it to a quality consulting company. Though the little notepad and holder was much appreciated. I can use that.

Still, this was just amusing to find. And I’m not a stranger to mistaken identity when it comes to these things, either. For a while, I was receiving offers for business credit cards in the name of THE SCHUMIN WEB in big, bold letters. It was actually quite amusing to get that, too. The first one was a novelty, but then after that I just started filing them. Specifically, in “File Thirteen”, which sits next to my desk and usually has a Hefty bag in it (get my drift?).

Most amusing was when I got a telemarketing call from Dun and Bradstreet back in 2000 or so. This was before I organized my Web site as a small business. They’re trying to get me on board as a customer. Now I’d heard of Dun and Bradstreet before, and knew it was somewhat prestigious. Boy, it was sad to burst their bubble. They’re talking big on the phone, and I just told them, “I’m really just a guy who has his own Web site.” I mean, I was nice about it, and was indeed a bit flattered that they called me, but I had no use for their services.

What’s funny, though, is that I have NEVER gotten a single shred of mail addressed to me under the “Almond Street Image Service” label (which I carried for nearly two years), nor my current “Schumin Web Design” label.

There is indeed a reason why I make sure that my business’s formal name is different from the Web site. It helps separate legitimate requests from junk ones. Anything addressed to “The Schumin Web” is filtered on out. If, God forbid, I actually get something marked “Schumin Web Design”, then I might just have to throw a party.

And by the way, if you’re wondering why I call my company “Schumin Web Design”, reverse the name for a moment. Schumin Web Design is the company that designs The Schumin Web. A bit circular, yes. But it works.

Web site: Myron, the company that gave me the free notepad

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