If you ever wanted to know what a BSOD looks like on a dual-monitor configuration, here it is.

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October 9, 2006, 1:46 AM

In my nearly two years of having a dual-monitor configuration, I believe that tonight was the first time that I’ve had the Blue Screen of Death. And I was surprised to see how it went. Take a look…

"Blue screen of death" on dual monitor configuration

I don’t know – for some reason I expected both monitors to go out. Maybe not a blue screen on both of them, but at least for Windows to disappear on both of them. So to see Windows remaining on the bottom monitor was a surprise.

Now the reason that the BSOD appeared on the top monitor is more easily given. When I got my flat-screen monitor, I attached it to the video card that my original second monitor used, and just lifted my old 19″ CRT onto the shelf. Thus the computer still considers the CRT the primary monitor, and only Windows knows that the flat-panel is really the primary monitor.

Otherwise, I’ve got a placeholder Web site for Rocktown Infoshop while we determine what the real Web site will contain. Check it out at So now when I reference Rocktown Infoshop, I can say, for instance, “I went to Rocktown Infoshop in Harrisonburg today…” like I do for the DC Infoshop.

And speaking of Infoshops, I’m going to DC on Wednesday, after a three-week gap due to the repairs to the Sable taking place during the regular DC week. After that long, I’m really itching to go again.

Web site: Wikipedia on Giant of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, which is what's on-screen in the photo.

Song: Tom Jones: "It's not unusual..."

Quote: BTW, the application that the computer BSOD'd on was Flcelloguy's Tool, when I closed the window.

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