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January 29, 2012, 6:22 PM

A friend suggested this evening that, since I’ve lost so much weight in the last year, I try on my old radical cheerleader outfit and see how it fits. So I did.

Here are the results:



Compare that to how I looked in the same outfit during October Rebellion in 2007:

The cheer outfit at the time of October Rebellion

Radical cheer outfit at the time of October Rebellion

The outfit certainly does fit differently now, that’s for sure! The tights, which I managed to squeeze my fat keister into back in 2006 when I first assembled this outfit, still fit. They actually fit better now than before, now that the spandex isn’t trying to contain thighs a shade larger than intended. The arm things also fit better than before, since my arms have gotten smaller over the past year, most noticeably around my wrists. My current watch, bought in February 2011 when I was still really large, now hangs loosely on my wrist, to the point that I can now stick three fingers under my watch comfortably, if that tells you anything. So the arm things go on easily now but still stay in place, whereas previously, getting them up to the proper spot was a bit of a challenge. Then the shorts are obviously too big, as is the red shirt. So if I do a protest where I do radical cheerleading again, I think I will be reengineering the outfit a bit. Then the hat never really fit right, and not surprisingly, still doesn’t. Black bandanna around the neck fits differently because I have less chin now.

Otherwise, the black shirt underneath the red one is one I’m not going to really comment on, because that’s always been straight out of the closet depending on weather. The shirt I’m pictured in, however, is the one that I used when I wore the outfit as a halloween costume in 2006. I wore a heavier long-sleeve shirt with it for October Rebellion and the G20 protest because those were outdoors and in the fall, and couldn’t wear a jacket because of the outfit. Then the shoes are something I would never wear to a real protest, but my foot still hurts and these are easy to put on. If you don’t like them, don’t look.

So there you go, I suppose. Considering I still have plenty more to lose, I’ll hopefully make the parts of the outfit that don’t fit well now fit even worse before I’m done. I don’t particularly mind that, but like I said, if I need to use the outfit again, I’m reengineering a few parts of it to make it look better for next time.

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