Somehow, I’m thinking that a new machine might just be what I need…

December 22, 2006, 1:41 AM

Remember back in September when I spoke of whether to put my current computer through a second rehab or replace it? Well, I’ve decided. I’m going to get a whole new computer. I figure that with the computer coming up on nine years in May, it’s time. I’m going to get a Dell, but I’m going to wait until Windows Vista comes out before taking that plunge. I find it to be an unnecessary bother to get a new machine shipped with Windows XP, and then have to turn right around and upgrade it to Vista. I did that with my present computer, which shipped with Windows 95 and came with a free upgrade to Windows 98 when it came out that summer. It was a tremendous waste of time, especially when everything didn’t work right at first. I ended up having to do a clean install of Windows 98 to get it to work correctly. Yucko.

And what will I be doing with my present workhorse, my Gateway? Well, it still works like a charm, but it’s just really old. So once I get all my stuff moved over, I’m thinking about converting it to a Linux machine. I’ve never used Linux before, and I want to learn. And so a spare computer to learn Linux on would work. So my “real” computer would be Windows, but having a second, separate computer running Linux would be just awesome.

So there you go. The sealer of the deal was the fact that this would cost a lot less than I had previously assumed. And I can also make things easier and save money by moving some of my existing doo-dads over to a new computer, like my speakers, my monitor, my printer, and my wireless keyboard and mouse. The speakers are from the computer’s 2001 rehabilitation, and the mouse is from 2002 when I first went wireless. The monitor is about a year old. The printer is three months old, bought after the old printer died. Then the keyboard is brand new, since yours truly can’t control a Coke bottle. So it’s not like I’m moving equipment from 1998 over to the new box. A lot of that got ditched during the 2001 upgrade.

So yeah, pretty cool.

Web site: Dell, where I'm getting the new machine.

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