New compy or second rehab?

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September 12, 2006, 7:14 PM

First of all, hello from Pentagon City Mall in Arlington.

With my computer at eight years old now and with its last rehabilitation more than five years behind us, I’ve started toying with the idea of going for MORE POWER once again. Thus the question becomes whether I want to just get an entirely new computer or do another rehabilitation on the one I’ve got. A second rehab on it would likely see a new motherboard and CPU, plus more memory, if nothing else. In the last rehab, I left the original motherboard and processor in place.

The reason I’m even contemplating a rehab vs. just replacing the whole thing is because I really do like my current box. It’s a full tower, has loads of expansion slots, and has three drive bays on it. I’ve not found a new PC to match it. That and I’ve grown rather attached to my present system, and I’d hate to part with it.

The question really comes down to cost. If a rehab costs less than a new computer, then great. I can keep what I want, and replace only what I want. If a new computer is cheaper, even if I were to cut corners, then it would make more sense to replace it.

Then there’s the problem of experience. I’ve never replaced a motherboard and processor before, and am afraid of screwing it up. I’ve done just about everything else, but even when we did replace the motherboard on a previous computer back in 1996 after a tech support call determineed that the motherboard was the issue, Gateway sent a guy named Teddy to put it in for us. I’ve never done it, and would hate to accidentally destroy an old friend (the computer), and thus be out the cost of the wrecked motherboard and processor, plus have to get a new computer anyway.

So yeah, that’s my situation there. If you want to weigh in, and I recommend you do, pop over to the discussion forums (registration required), or contact me directly.

Web site: How To Install A Motherboard

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