And another piece of computer equipment bites the dust…

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September 16, 2006, 10:47 PM

Yep… sad to say, after I spent a whole lot of time working with my Hewlett Packard 930C printer, I’ve come to a conclusion: It’s broken.

So last night I bought a new printer. I didn’t truly realize it until last night, but the straight inkjet printer seems to be going extinct. Everything is either specialized for photos, or is an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax/copier. Since I generally don’t print photos, I don’t particularly need something specialized for photos. For the amount of times I print photos, it’s not worth it. I also already have a scanner that works just fine, so I didn’t particularly need a new one. However, due to the lack of choices in straight inkjets, I bought one of those printer/scanner/fax/copier ones.

I ended up getting an HP PhotoSmart C3140, mainly because the scanner surface is about the same size as my present scanner, which is an HP ScanJet something or other. I’m going to be sad to retire my scanner, which is in perfectly good condition, but there is a perk to this: I can consolidate my setup. I no longer have to have the printer off the desk and on a side shelf. I can put it front-and-center on my desk, where my scanner currently resides. So that’s a plus.

Of course, we now have to ask the question of what to do with the old scanner. That’s a problem. I know what to do with the printer. It’s going to get junked, since it’s broken. It was making some really loud grinding noises and going into error for every print attempt, so yeah. The scanner, however, will probably hit the closet, if nothing else.

And of course, when printer shopping, there’s only one brand worth looking at, and that’s HP. I wouldn’t buy a Lexmark even if my life depended on it, and then I’ve also had issues with Epson printers in the past, so I’m not going there, either.

Web site: Photo of my old printer and scanner on my desk in Potomac Hall

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