I feel very dressed-down today…

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July 14, 2006, 11:22 PM

At work, every Friday is blue jean day. Pay a dollar to Children’s Miracle Network, and wear blue jeans that day. For the past two years, I have shunned blue jean day every single Friday. I’d never worn blue jeans to work, and saved my dollar each week. I did this primarily because I didn’t have any blue jeans that fit right.

However, now that I’ve lost some weight (the same weight loss that lead to the April 26 wardrobe malfunction), I gave an old pair of blue jeans a try. Much to my surprise, they fit, and fit quite well. This pair of jeans was one that was in good condition from a long time ago. I bought these jeans on August 19, 1999, on a trip to Pentagon City and Potomac Mills with my friend Andrea Fox. I was 18. This was the week before I’d started my freshman year of college. In other words, this was clothing bought before the so-called “freshman 15” came on. So I am doing quite well, thank you. And I have room to maneuver in these pants, too. So I am just awesome.

So where were we going with this? Oh, yes.

So I wore the jeans. Add my tie-dye shirt to that mix, which is a few different shades of blue. Then add to that a pair of backless Faded Glory sandals with tan leather straps. And no socks. All in all, I felt rather dressed down today at work.

My coworkers’ reaction was positive. They noticed that this was the first time I’d ever worn blue jeans to work (I regularly wear black jeans). So that was something. People were also quite impressed that the jeans were ones that I bought for my freshman year of college, and that they fit well. There was also another first for me. This was my first time – possibly ever – wearing no black whatsoever to work. Like I said, I usually wear black jeans, and I also have a fondness for wearing a black shirt with it, and going for all-black. So this was certainly a milestone.

Otherwise, I worked Layaway for about a quarter of the day, which makes it the third time overall that I’d worked back there. Doing layaways was okay, but then I got my first experience with the helium tank today. Customer comes up with a metallic Care Bear balloon – specifically, Love-A-Lot Bear. I call up front to find out what to do. Okay. I get the balloon seated on the nozzle, and inflate. I fill it up, but I’m not sure if it’s full. I ask, “Is this good?” The customer says it could use a little more. I add more. KABOOM. Right in my face. My reaction was to go, “AAAAAAAAAH!” So that was the end of Love-A-Lot Bear. I apologized. They went to see if there was another balloon that they wanted. Meanwhile, another customer came up and wanted to buy some balloons and fill them up. I sold it to them, and went to fill the first one up. I wasn’t sure what exactly was considered “full”, and that was my problem with the balloons. So I blew up the first balloon for the customer. And do I need to say it? Yes, kaboom. That was the end of that balloon. A coworker had shown up by then, and so I went to replace that balloon, but not before telling them what was going on (since I obviously had a problem with my technique). Ultimately, we replaced the broken balloon, and the first customer got another Love-A-Lot. Good.

So that was my day. Fun stuff.

Web site: How Helium Balloons Work

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