This is a shirt that got me some attention…

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May 11, 2006, 12:07 AM

Today going to work, I went with a different shirt than usual. My regular shirts are simple. Solid, and with a few buttons on the front.

Today? Tie-dye. When I was putting away my winter clothes on Tuesday, I found a new shirt that I’d forgotten about in the bottom of things. I figure that I probably got it from Mom either last Christmas or the Christmas before that. It was tie-dyed – blue and darker blue. It fit me really well, and so I took the tags off and introduced it into the regular clothes rotation. And thus Wednesday was the first day it was out.

And what did the coworkers have to say? It was a very nice change from my regular wardrobe, and that they liked it. And the best part? The comments were unsolicited. I just kind of went about my business, and the comments just kind of rolled in.

So now this brings me to an interesting question. I need to get some more warm-weather shirts anyway. More tie-dye? It’s an idea… I’m going to go price shirts at the mall tomorrow where the shirt came from (Steve and Barry’s University Sportswear) and see how feasible that might be.

Web site: Steve and Barry's University Sportswear

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Quote: "I like your shirt!" - Many coworkers

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