Always wear underwear

April 27, 2006, 9:26 AM

After what happened to me yesterday, I’d like to remind everyone – ALWAYS wear underwear.

With that said, here’s what happened…

I was at work, and running a register. Realizing that the previous customer had accidentally left a bag on the wheel, I went after them to give them their missing bag. In pursuing them, my pants accidentally fell down, right there in front of everyone. My first reaction was to quickly pull my pants back up. And I still caught the customer before they left and got them their bag.

Still, my coworkers saw it. The rest of the day, I heard a number of good-natured comments about a pair of suspenders being a good investment. And 183,000 square feet is not as big as it sounds, as all of my coworkers soon learned of the incident.

And why did it happen in the first place? Well… as I mentioned in a previous Journal entry, I seem to be losing weight. And so my clothes have been a wee bit more loose as of late. And the cheapskate in me has decided not to go out and get replacement clothes. I’ll replace when they wear out, but not before that. So what’s the fix? A new belt, which I’m going to get today. That ought to prevent this episode from reoccurring.

And you know what this whole “wardrobe malfunction” reminds me of? Yolanda Bowsley from The Price is Right, who lost her tube top while going down to contestants’ row.

Still, now you understand why it’s always important to wear underwear. You never know when it might accidentally be revealed.

Web site: Wiktionary entry for "wardrobe malfunction"

Song: Don't have one

"At least you weren't going commando." - A coworker referring to the fact that I was wearing underwear.
"We don't want any more bad moons rising." - Another coworker about the same incident.

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