Man bangle number two…

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May 10, 2012, 9:50 PM

So I tried another “man bangle” recently. This time, I got this one from

Men's Massive Solid Stainless Steel Handcuff Bracelet Bangle Jewelry

And this time I remembered to get photos of me wearing it:


And that’s all you will ever see of it. Yeah, I wasn’t all that into this one, either. So I returned it. The first one didn’t impress me because the open end made it feel too loose and I was worried that it would fall off and become lost. This one went all the way around and had a closure on it, but it didn’t feel right. For one thing, it was very heavy. It felt like I had a weight around my wrist. So that’s one strike there. Then the second strike against it was that it felt a shade too tight in spots. I wanted something looser that would move around a little bit, and this was staying firmly in one spot. And then strike three was that the whole presentation, when I put it on and started looking at it, just didn’t wow me. For $45, I had better be completely in love with it, and I wasn’t feeling that about this. I didn’t mind that it kind of looked like a handcuff, but I wanted it to fit a bit more loosely than this.

So there goes the second try. I think I’m not going to shop for this online anymore. I think I need to go out to Eastern Market or something if I’m going to keep pursuing this. This way, I don’t have to buy, try, be disappointed, return, and get a refund. I can just peruse, test, consider, select, and be done with it.

Plus I also want to go down to Eastern Market in order to photograph fruits and vegetables. Yes, I want to photograph food. See, here’s the thing about photographing food. Food, unlike people, doesn’t get impatient when you take a while to line up your shot. Food also doesn’t need to be asked to pose in a certain way. Plus food doesn’t need to get a ride to the photography location. Of course, you can’t carry on a conversation with food, nor will food go out to lunch with you afterwards (unless said food is lunch afterwards). So there is a certain thing about human companionship there. Plus people will make silly faces, and food can’t do that (with the exception of Pee-wee Herman’s refrigerator).

So there you go, I suppose. I’ll try again one of these times. But no more shopping online for man bangles. Going to do this in person next time.

Web site: Arteries of the hand. Did anyone else notice that now you can actually see the blood vessels in my hand? Considering that you can really see the blood vessels on guys who are, like, ripped, this is a good sign. Perhaps I'm getting somewhere towards being in shape?

Song: Theme to Double Dare, as I have been listening to episodes of said show while I work on stuff.

Quote: Meanwhile, milestone: This is the first Journal entry to be cross-posted to both regular Schumin Web and Falcon. Yes, the main conversion is complete, meaning that all content that previously existed on this site is now on Falcon. Now I'm simultaneously maintaining two versions of the site while I work on other parts of Falcon to get ready for the big launch.

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