Does my left wrist need something else?

April 1, 2012, 11:38 PM

In the process of losing weight over the course of the last year, a lot of areas of my body have changed shape. My waist is a lot smaller. My thighs have gotten smaller. I have no behind anymore (and it is now uncomfortable to sit on hard surfaces). My face is noticeably slimmer now. And, surprisingly (but not too surprisingly), my wrists have gotten a lot smaller. Compare for a moment:

My wrist on May 20, 2011

My left wrist on May 20, 2011. This is a crop of this image from the Kings Dominion trip.

My wrist on April 1, 2012

My wrist, taken on April 1, 2012 (i.e. just now for this entry). This photo is deliberately being displayed upside down so that the orientations match. And no, my fingernails are not that pink in real life.

Basically, my wrist has gotten a lot smaller. It all feels very bony now. But because there’s still some meat on the upper part of my forearm, I think it makes my wrist look scrawny. Thus I’m trying to see what would work for it to kind of accentuate it and break up the lines a little. My right wrist has my watch on it, and so I’m covered there, but the left side currently has nothing on it. Thus the problem.

I’ve been looking at stuff for a while, since my wrist has been scrawny since at least December. Most of it has centered around some sort of men’s bracelet or bangle to go on my wrist. I want something that will look good, feel good, and take care of those lines.

I thought I had settled on a winner with this:

Do we have a winner?

But that one didn’t look very good on me. It seemed too small, and I felt like it was too prone to falling off. And even if it did only cost me $10, I didn’t want something that would come off that easily. That went back to Amazon on the same day that I got it.

My coworkers, when I brought up the idea of getting a “man bangle” (or “mangle”, as some of them called it), were not entirely receptive to the idea. They linked the idea of the bangle with the shoes that I’m not getting yet, and told me that I needed to buy shoes before jewelry, and that the bangle was a bad idea. I am unconvinced that the concept is a bad idea, but the example that I got just wasn’t “it”.

So help me out here. What kind of men’s bracelet or bangle do you think would look good on me? My criteria is nothing that will tarnish or turn my arm green (I had an ID bracelet once that turned my arm green), and preferably less than $30. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about those ones that closely resemble a handcuff, though. So if you know of something, by all means, please let me know. I want something, but I’m not entirely sure what quite yet.

Web site: Unrelated, but this is a video I shot of the Coco Pop rice cake machine at Whole Foods in Rockville. Pretty neat, as it fires off a cake every ten seconds.

Song: Advanced spit takes

Quote: Meanwhile, I'm tired. Went to the art museum in Philadelphia with Isis and crew today! Great times, but tiring in the end.

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