Walking down Georgia Avenue and talking to the camera…

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April 26, 2012, 7:46 PM

So this evening while I was walking home from the Metro, I decided to turn the camera on myself and do a Video Journal:

So there you go, I suppose. I am walking home along the northbound side of Georgia Avenue from Glenmont Metro to approximately Rippling Brook Drive.

I discuss a few things. First, I discuss how I am walking this week on account of an ear infection. Yes, I have been suffering from swimmer’s ear again, which puts me out of the pool for a while in order to give my ear a chance to recover from it. And things are getting better! I didn’t have any random shooting pain coming from my left ear today. Still not swimming until at least Monday, though. Then I segue into fun swimwear. Basically, why does men’s swimwear normally have to be such a drag? Most men’s jammer suits are boring. The majority of the suit is just a solid color, and the only part of the suit that’s even halfway exciting is down the sides. I wanted a fun suit, and I found it in the Dolfin “Winners” line of suits. Those have the fun patterns all over them. And then lastly, I discussed my ongoing conversion of Schumin Web over to the WordPress platform. That is actually progressing ahead of schedule, as I detail the faster progress as of late. I also detail what parts of the site will be changing more dramatically, as well as the upcoming spinoff of the discussion forums. It should be pretty neat!

So let me know what you think of this Video Journal, taken with the front-facing camera on my phone and all of that. I hope I didn’t make anyone too seasick with this clip, though…

Web site: This is the swimsuit-modeling entry that I was discussing on the video.

Song: The sound of traffic, and that one guy who had parts dangling from the bottom of his car...

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