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April 19, 2012, 12:46 AM

File this under “the amusing things that the camera catches”:

File this under “the amusing things that the camera catches”.

This photo is one of about 200 that I took when I visited JMU in April 2010. And unbeknownst to me at the time, I caught this girl sitting there picking her nose. I was going through the JMU photos from 2010 for a coworker this evening, and discovered it then, more than two years after the photos were taken, in the corner of a larger shot:

The full image

And I’m thinking about it as I looked at this photo, what are the chances? I unintentionally caught her in the one moment where she was picking her nose. Of all the things to be caught doing, she got caught with her finger up her nose. I have two alternate shots of this scene taken moments later, and those two show her in a non-awkward pose. But that one. Yeah.

The whole thing amuses me, because in all honesty, this particular group of photos never really saw much action on the site. I used eight photos in a Journal entry about the trip itself, and three photos as the Photo Feature, but otherwise haven’t really done anything with these. Thus why this one went unnoticed, because I never really went through these because there was no photo set on the site from this group. But looking back through these, I think it’s time that I did make a set from these, or at least run some more of them on the Main Page.

I don’t know… it struck me as funny.

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