Greetings from Durham, New Hampshire!

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July 14, 2011, 7:13 PM

First of all, greetings from Durham, New Hampshire, where I’m traveling on business.

Yesterday evening, I did a two-part Video Journal discussing some of the experiences on the trip up as well as my first day in Durham. Due to all the stuff I needed to take care of while up here, I didn’t get a chance to post it until tonight, but better late than never. So here it is:

In this Video Journal, I talk about a lot of things:

  • Taking the Acela Express and the Downeaster from Washington DC to Durham
  • Exercising at the hotel
  • Mirrored walls in gyms and not wanting to look at one’s self while exercising
  • Seeing the scenes from the Acela
  • Hotel bathrooms
  • The full-size fire alarm horn in my hotel room
  • Taking the bus and the Metro in DC, and taking the T in Boston
  • Getting swabbed by the TSA in Union Station when boarding the Acela
  • The July 12 collision on the Amtrak Downeaster (the day before my trip)
  • Getting dropped off in Durham by the Downeaster (like getting plopped into a strange town)

This is also a little unconventional in how I did this. I did this by setting up the Canon on top of one of the lamps in the room (the only thing at the right height for this!), turned the screen around, and stood in front of it. And I think I did fairly well. Thus this is the first time I’ve done a Video Journal on camera (I’m not on camera for the car ones) that was not shot with a Web cam.

And of course, I once again prove that I am quite long-winded. Full treatment of the sights and sounds of the trip when I get home.

Web site: Someone discusses why gyms have so many mirrors. I still don't like them, though. I'm going to be glad to be back at the pool in Olney, where there are no mirrors, and I don't have to see myself working out.

Song: Theme to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Seems to fit, considering that I referenced the tune on there. And no, I've never seen the movie.

Quote: And thus another Video Journal. So how often does everyone want to see me do one of these things? I've been told by a coworker that I don't do enough Video Journals. Let me know.