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Contact Information

Thank you for choosing to contact me, Ben Schumin, owner and operator of The Schumin Web and related sites.

Before contacting me, please make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions that accompany this page.  If your query is already answered in the FAQ, you may not receive a reply.  If you are inquiring about reusing original material found on The Schumin Web, please read the page about reusing content first.

Social Media

Probably the best way to get a hold of me directly is through Facebook and the Twitter.

Facebook: Go to Schumin Web‘s Facebook profile, and drop me a message there.  I check Facebook far more than I check my Email, and so you are more likely to get a quick response if you send it through Facebook.  Please send a message to the website’s Facebook profile, and not to my personal profile.  The reason is because Facebook notifies me immediately for messages to the website from anybody, but it does not do the same for my personal Facebook profile for people who aren’t on my friends list.  If you are a fan of the site, and wish to register your support, go to The Schumin Web‘s Facebook page and “Like” the page.  This will also give you updates on your Facebook news feed whenever I add a new feature to the site.

Twitter: Mention me in a tweet @SchuminWeb.  If you’re discussing The Schumin Web on the Twitter, please also use the hashtag #schuminweb.



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