Greetings from CAF 5109…

November 17, 2010, 7:29 PM

First of all, hello from CAF 5109. I am riding the Red Line home from the Tenleytown area, having just had a wonderful time enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. Always good to see friends, and nothing beats a hot cup of coffee on a cool fall evening.

Meanwhile, this is my first time actually writing a Journal entry on my netbook while on the Metro. The train is not crowded by any means, so I’m sitting sideways in a row and typing with the computer on one leg. And it seems to work. I’m listening to Randi Rhodes on podcast, and just tapping away on the keyboard. For those wondering, I don’t have Internet on here right now, but instead, I will post this when I get home. I’m too late for the 51, so I figure, I’m either going to take the Y9 bus or walk. Follow me on the Twitter and find out, I suppose. Meanwhile, this train did not service Farragut North, strangely enough. When we went through (without stopping), there was caution tape on the platform and a bunch of people in safety vests at the outbound end, but a lot of regular people on the inbound end. Go fig. I know that the L Street entrance was closed, but who knows if that’s related.

Then this weekend is raid weekend. It’s always fun to troll Scientology, and this ought to be good, though I’m concerned that our numbers will be down due to its being so close to Thanksgiving. This is, after all, the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I’m sure that many people will be taking off early for the holiday. However, Scientology is not above scamming people out of large sums of their money on the weekend before Thanksgiving, and thus we will be outside to troll. It’s this Saturday from 1-5 PM. Hope to see you there. Should be fun. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong on the numbers, and we’ll have a good number of (masked) faces out there trolling Scientology.

Then for Thanksgiving, I am staying home this year. I went to see my parents last weekend (and I still need to post those photos), and that was “Thanksgiving” without all the traffic. Works for me. Me, for actual Thanksgiving at home, I am making the most of it. This will be what I call my “everything must go” weekend. My goal is to post two Photography sets – the new Vietnam Memorial photo set, and the Stewart/Colbert rally photos. I want a better turnaround than I’ve had as of late. For instance, Boston Megaraid took five months to post. That’s far too long. Then if I finish the two Photography sets, I’m going to work on more Transit Center photos, since I have a backlog of a few years over there.

Otherwise, I am experimenting with WordPress as a potential content management system for Schumin Web. WordPress seems pretty good, and it has the perk of simplifying a site, which, over the years, has become a bit complicated to update. It would also free me from my home computer for making non-Journal updates, as I would have the flexibility to do it all from anywhere. Plus I think I can provide you with a better experience if I switch to a CMS. The biggest problem that I can see so far is that organizing photos is a bit lacking. On my site, everything is foldered by date and topic, and WordPress out of the box only likes to organize images by date. I want to say images/life-and-times/2009/crystal-city/157.jpg (I don’t know which picture this is offhand, but it does exist in the March on Crystal City photo set). I want all of those folders. I am that anal-retentive when it comes to organization, thank you very much. WordPress will automatically arrange things by upload date if you let it, but considering some of my turnarounds, something from May could get uploaded in October. That would be nonsensical. Then I’m not throwing thousands of images into a single, giant pot. No way. So if anyone knows of a good WordPress plugin that allows me to folder the images any way I want, I want to know about it. And trust me, I’ve looked, and I’ve not come up with anything satisfactory yet.

So apparently I’m not a bad typist on the Metro. I’ve done this whole thing on the Metro, between Van Ness and Glenmont. So now as we approach Glenmont, I’ve got to put this thing away. See ya!

Web site: Update: This is why we didn't service Farragut North. Turns out a piece of debris fell from the ceiling...

Song: "*ding ding* Doors opening! Step back to allow customers to exit. When boarding, please move to the center of the car."

Quote: Now, to ride home or walk home? We'll see, I suppose. Would determine whether the walk is my exercise tonight, or if I hit the exercise bike...