The wading pool known as Dupont Circle…

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August 27, 2010, 10:18 PM

So our Friday “Schumy Lunch” was more exciting than usual today. We went to Crepes-a-Go-Go west of Dupont Circle, and then went back to the circle to enjoy them. First of all, this place is really worth going back to. It’s got a great selection of crepes for breakfast, lunch, and dessert, and the employees were really friendly.

Then after we finished lunch, since the fountain was running and full of water, with some encouragement from my coworkers, I decided to go for a quick wade in the Dupont Circle fountain. I’d been in the fountain once before, during Funk the War 7, but that was in winter when the fountain was not running, and dry.

So I rolled my jeans up to my knees, and went in. Katy, one of my coworkers, took pictures of me in the fountain…

Climbing into the fountain.
Climbing into the fountain.

All smiles while standing in the fountain.  All smiles while standing in the fountain.
All smiles while standing in the fountain.

Walking around in the water.
Walking around in the water.

Staring up at the water coming out of the top of the fountain.
Staring up at the water coming out of the top of the fountain.

And there you have it. Wading around in the fountain was surprisingly refreshing. The water wasn’t too warm, nor was it particularly cold, either. I was concerned about the water being too cold, but it was actually pretty good. A bunch of us should go in some time.

And, especially considering this was our lunch hour from work, my clothes didn’t get wet. So I just got right out after a couple of minutes in the fountain, rolled my pants back down, and all was well for the second half of the day. Better, actually!

Web site: Someone else takes a dip in the Dupont Circle fountain, but she actually went under the water coming out of the fountain. I couldn't do that, but maybe for another day...

Song: "Yo He Ho" from Today's Special. For the record, I would love one of those speakers that dances around and plays "Yo He Ho" for my computer like Sam had on TXL. You never knew what kind of crazy stuff would happen in the computer room when the "Yo He Ho" speaker started going, though I could do without a giant stash of liverwurst and sardine sandwiches falling down on my head. This is one of my favorite instances of the speaker starting to dance, because it shows that Today's Special was not afraid to poke a little fun at itself, and I believe it's the only instance where the computer room was intentionally set off. As soon as you saw that "Yo He Ho" speaker pop up, you knew what was coming...

Quote: Meanwhile, this concept would make for a really fun photography set, photographing someone (better looking than me) splashing around in the Dupont Circle fountain.

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